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"Word Court"
A column in which Barbara Wallraff resolves langauge disputes.

  • November 2000
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  • November 1999
  • Articles:
  • What Global Language?, November 2000
    The conventional wisdom holds that English is destined to be the world's lingua franca -- if it isn't already. But experts who make language their business see a far more complicated picture. Don't throw away those Berlitz tapes.

  • Peeping in Peace, September 1997
    Not only New England has fall foliage worth traveling to see -- Canada's uncrowded Maritime Provinces do too.

  • Two Kinds of Paradise, October 1996
    The Caribbean island of Nevis is a relative latecomer to the tourist trade, which works to both your and its advantage.

  • A Movable Feast, February 1996
    The author decides during a trip to France that traveling by barge is superior to any other manner of touring.

  • Life's Choreographer, January 1996
    A review of A Dance to the Music of Time, by Anthony Powell.

  • Special features:
  • Travel With MsGrammar, the transcript of an online conference in which the author answers a wide array of questions about travel and travel writing.

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