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A Note About the Audio

Audio is currently provided on this site in two formats: RealAudio 2.0 and .AU format. To listen to the recordings in either format, you must have a computer equipped with a sound card. RealAudio 2.0 allows you to hear the recordings as they stream onto your hard drive, without having to wait for the file to download. To use RealAudio 2.0 you must have the RealAudio Player installed on a system that meets these requirements.

RA 14.4 RA 14.4 indicates a RealAudio file that can be played with a 14.4Kbps connection or faster.

RA 28.8 RA 28.8 indicates a RealAudio file that requires a 28.8Kbps connection or faster. At this time music files are supported only through the RA 28.8 format.

In order to play a recording in the .AU format you must first download the file and have a compatible audio player installed on your computer. If you are using Netscape on the Windows platform, it provides a player that will allow you to play .AU files. On the Macintosh platform you will need an audio player such as SoundMachine.

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