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Sasha Abramsky ("When They Get Out") grew up in London and lives in New York. His writing has appeared in The Village Voice, New York, and the London Independent.

Stephen Budiansky ("Politically Correct Planting") is a correspondent for The Atlantic and the author of If a Lion Could Talk: Animal Intelligence and the Evolution of Consciousness (1998).

Erica Funkhouser ("To the Animal in the Hole") teaches a poetry-writing workshop at MIT. She is the author of Sure Shot and Other Poems (1992) and The Actual World (1997).

Wendy Kaminer ("The Grads of '69"), a contributing editor of The Atlantic, is a public-policy fellow at Radcliffe College.

Robert D. Kaplan ("Kissinger, Metternich, and Realism") is a correspondent for The Atlantic and the author of six books, including Balkan Ghosts (1993), The Arabists (1993), and The Ends of the Earth (1996).

William Langewiesche ("Eden: A Gated Community") is a correspondent for The Atlantic and the author of Inside the Sky: A Meditation on Flight (1998).

Thomas H. McNeely ("Sheep") teaches at Emerson College and the Grub Street Writers' Workshop, in Boston. This is his first published story.

Robert Morgan ("The Grain of Sound") is a professor of English at Cornell University. His novel Gap Creek will be published this fall.

Conor Cruise O'Brien ("Two Deaths in Rathmines") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic.

Thomas E. Ricks ("The Wild New West") is The Wall Street Journal's Pentagon reporter and the author of Making the Corps (1997).

Alison Seiffer (cover art) lives in Montauk, New York. Her work has appeared in The New York Times and Fast Company. She illustrated the book How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Professional Dog Trainers, by Karen Salmansohn (1994).

Lester C. Thurow ("Building Wealth") is a professor of management and economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His article in this issue will appear in somewhat different form in his book Building Wealth: New Rules for Individuals, Companies, and Nations in a Knowledge-Based Economy, which is to be published by Harper Business this month.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft ("The Making of the English Middle Class") is an English journalist and author. His most recent book, The Controversy of Zion: Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State, and the Unresolved Jewish Dilemma (1996), won a National Jewish Book Award.

C. K. Williams ("The Dress") teaches in the writing program at Princeton University. A new book of his poems, Repair, will be published this month.

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The Atlantic Monthly; June 1999; Contributors - 99.06; Volume 283, No. 6; page 6.