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The Atlantic Monthly Looks Ahead to the 21st Century

In a nation as self-consciously aware of potential as ours has been, contemplation of the future possesses some of the stabilizing function of tradition. To mark its 140th anniversary, The Atlantic will publish over the next year or two a series of articles that look at aspects of the long-term future for the nation and the world. The subjects will be diverse, ranging from issues in the physical and biological sciences to issues of intellect and philosophy to mundane but far-reaching issues involving politics, demography, and the environment. In the first of these articles the distinguished physicist Freeman J. Dyson discusses the inevitability of human colonization of the solar system and how it might come about.

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The Atlantic Monthly; November 1997; The Atlantic Monthly Looks Ahead to the 21st Century; Volume 280, No. 5; page 69.

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