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An Excess of Democracy? -- Related Articles in The Atlantic

  • The Uncertain Leviathan, by Jonathan Schell (1996)
    Spectators, pulse-takers, anger, and frustration -- a look into the void of American politics

  • Why Americans Hate the Media, by James Fallows (1996)
    "[Reporters] are interested mainly in pure politics and can be coerced into examining the substance of an issue only as a last resort. The subtle but sure result is a stream of daily messages that the real meaning of public life is the struggle of Bob Dole against Newt Gingrich against Bill Clinton, rather than our collective efforts to solve collective problems."

  • Too Representative Government, by Steven Stark (1995)
    Why is Congress held in such low esteem? One reason is that as it has become more truly representative, it has tried to solve more and more problems, including many that no one knows how to solve -- thus raising expectations and frequently disappointing them. Quick-fix reforms aren't likely to make the public any happier with the legislative branch.

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