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(The October Cover) (Seahorse) Thomas Jefferson: Radical and Racist

Thomas Jefferson, the author contends, was in the grip of a fanatical cult of unbridled liberty -- a position that has made him a hero to modern American militias. And Jefferson's views on race and slavery are contradictory when they are not abhorrent -- a fact hidden for years, the author writes, by "soothing obfuscation." Does America have any further use for this man? Should he be removed from his niche in the national pantheon?

by Conor Cruise O'Brien

Web-Only: Counter Points
Jefferson scholar Douglas Wilson responds.

(Seahorse) The Empty Symbolism of American Politics

A tendency toward the "middle ground" has long been recognized as one of Americans' most enduring political traits. But is the middle worth embracing if the extremes it's between lack a basis in reality?

by Robert A. Levine
Environment Books: Clinton Scandals, Inc. Food: Salsa

(Seahorse) Notes & Comment: A Talk With Bill Clinton
The present era of wrenching economic transition bears a certain resemblance to the one a century ago -- but we have the means, the President believes, to create more winners and fewer losers.
by James Fallows

The Environment: The Sub-Seabed Solution
Burying radioactive waste under the ocean floor is opposed by many, but it may be the best thing to do.
by Steven Nadis

(Seahorse) Brief Lives: Banana Man
The American experience through the eyes of a nervy Korean-American columnist.
by Nicholas Lemann

Web-Only: Banana Man Speaks
From the pages of KoreAm Journal.

Personal File: Say Something
Why grown-ups should take charge.
by Lucie Prinz

Fiction & Poetry

(Seahorse) Target
A poem
by Linda Gregerson

From Willow Temple
A short story
by Donald Hall

Web-Only: Read Atlantic Unbound's interview with Donald Hall.

(Seahorse) India Cotton Shirt
A poem
by Erica Funkhouser

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Two Kinds of Paradise
The Caribbean island of Nevis is a relative latecomer to the tourist trade, which works to both your and its advantage.
by Barbara Wallraff

(Seahorse) Food: Salsa Without Tears
Now is the season to experiment with homemade salsas.
by Corby Kummer


Clinton Scandals, Inc.
Four books in the curious new subculture that is "the Clinton legends."
by Martin Walker

A Birth-Control Crusader
"The Sex Side of Life": Mary Ware Dennett's Pioneering Battle for Birth Control and Sex Education, by Constance M. Chen
by Marjorie Heins

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The October Almanac

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff

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