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(The November Cover) The Price of Immigration

Can We Still Afford to Be a Nation of Immigrants?

A distinguished historian looks at the circumstances that explain America's past success in accommodating many immigrants. Some of those circumstances still exist, he writes -- but in important respects the present situation is without precedent.

by David M. Kennedy

The New Economics of Immigration

Even if immigration is good for the economy as a whole, it may still be very bad for many of its parts. Who wins? Who loses?

by George J. Borjas

Web-Only: One Nation, Inhospitable?
An Atlantic Unbound Forum, hosted by Atlantic Monthly senior editor Jack Beatty.

India's Bandit Queen

She is now a member of India's Parliament, but Phoolan Devi's public life began, according to charges pending against her, with a bloody massacre. Then came a four-year reign as a legendary gang leader in India's unruly north.

by Mary Anne Weaver

Web-Only: Tracking India's Bandit Queen
A conversation with Mary Anne Weaver.

Broken Covenant? Word Improvisation


Notes & Comment: Broken Covenant?
The time has come, some people are saying, to revise the Ten Commandments.
by Cullen Murphy

The Environment: Log Me a River
The best place to find old-growth virgin longleaf pine these days is where logs sank a hundred or more years ago on the way to the mill.
by Heather Millar

Personal File: My Sex Mentors
Learning from Janet and Barbara.
by Lynn Caraganis

Fiction & Poetry

(Seahorse) Torn Shades
A poem
by Thomas Lux

(Seahorse) Junior Soccer
A poem
by Andrew Frisardi

Horse Heaven Hills
A short story
by Christina Adam

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Innocents Abroad
Striking the right balance between the weird and the well known is one part of an effective strategy for traveling abroad with youngsters -- or so the author concludes after a successful trip to Great Britain with his eleven-year-old daughter.
by David Owen

Music: Big, Brilliant American Sound
The grand technique of Garrick Ohlsson, who has been called the Paul Bunyan of American pianists.
by Michael Ullman


A Cartoon Elite
Is there a class of "pampered meritocrats" who run America?
by Nicholas Lemann

Remembering Ross Thomas
The Student Aid Game, by Michael S. McPherson and Morton O. Schapiro
by Tony Hiss

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The November Almanac

Word Improvisation
by J. E. Lighter

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