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(Seahorse) Recipe for a Depression

The conventional wisdom is that the federal budget deficit is a very bad thing. But what if it is the attempt to eliminate the federal budget deficit--in a climate of falling wages, rising unemployment, rising consumer debt, and rigidly engineered disinflation--that turns out to be a very bad thing? Articles by Thomas I. Palley and Robert A. Levine raise this disturbing question.

(Seahorse) Gap Politics

The "gender gap," the author writes, is not a single, static thing. It is a political phenomenon whose benefits, depending on issues and circumstances, can accrue to either the left or the right.

by Steven Stark

Express Yourself: It's Later Than You Think

Confused when it comes to modern art? Herewith a glossary.

by Brad Holland

Fiction Like Young


Notes & Comment: Welcome to Our Tomb
Everybody except the Grants gets a chance to have a say.
by Richard Rubin

Technology: High Resolution, Unresolved
Private companies will soon have their own "spy" satellites.
by Mary Graham

Foreign Affairs: Germania Irredenta
Germans still yearn for lost lands--and their government is not discouraging them.
by Hans Koning

Fiction & Poetry

(Seahorse) He Has Lived in Many Houses
A poem
by Thomas Lux

(Seahorse) Spring
A short story
by Mark Walters

All-American Sestina
A poem
by Florence Cassen Mayers

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Buffed and Polished
As spas have proliferated, they have also diversified. A guide to exercising your options.
by Deborah Fallows

(Seahorse) Music: Like Young
The "young lions" of jazz lack the dark corners and disfigurements of character that separate great music from merely good.
by Francis Davis

See "Jazz in the '90s: Bebop and Beyond?"
a special companion to this article.

Art: Living-Room Galleries The newest rage in New York art circles--the reborn salon--is a child of necessity as much as of taste.
by Carol Kino


The Latest Fashion in Irrationality
Books on angels and other forms of popular spirituality.
by Wendy Kaminer

Robert Penn McInerney
The Last of the Savages,
by Jay McInerney
by Charles Thompson

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The July Almanac

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff

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