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(Seahorse) Why Americans Hate the Media

Treating politics as a game, ignoring the real issues, refusing to disclose potential conflicts of interest, spouting off on raucous political talk shows that not even the participants take seriously--these habits are jeopardizing the credibility of everything that journalists do.

by James Fallows

The Insufficiency of Honesty

Honesty is an essential component of the quality called integrity--but not the whole of it. What else does integrity require?

by Stephen L. Carter

(Seahorse) Child Labor in Pakistan

The use of children for grueling labor in factory and field is widespread throughout the Third World--but nowhere more so than in Pakistan, where perhaps 11 million children toil in circumstances often not far removed from slavery.

by Jonathan Silvers


(Seahorse) Notes & Comment: Fair Trade
The resurgence of barter in a disorderly world.
by Cullen Murphy

(Seahorse) Politics: Right-Wing Populist
For most of its history populism has been a phenomenon associated with the political left. Pat Buchanan's candidacy demonstrates how sharply populism has swerved.
by Steven Stark

Foreign Affairs: An Encore for Chaos?
Kenya has always been thought of as a country with a lot going for it. Is it now following its neighbors in a slide toward ethnic warfare and economic ruin?
by Bill Berkeley

Fiction & Poetry

Albert and the Animals
A short story
by Marsha Rabe

The Body Mutinies
A poem
by Lucia Perillo

A drawing
by Guy Billout

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Arts & Leisure

(Seahorse) Travel: A Movable Feast
The author decides during a trip to France that traveling by barge is superior to any other manner of touring.
by Barbara Wallraff

(Seahorse) Sport: The Precipitous World of Dan Osman
In which a noted climber displays his technique for falling from high places.
by Andrew Todhunter


(Seahorse) The Alchemist's Retort
Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace
by Sven Birkerts

(Seahorse) A Gift for Dialogue
Five Screenplays by Preston Sturges and Four More Screenplays by Preston Sturges, edited by Brian Henderson
by Dennis Drabelle

(Seahorse) Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The February Almanac

Word Improvisation
by J. E. Lighter

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