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(The August Cover) (Seahorse) Welcome to the Next Church

Among the labels one hears are full-service churches, megachurches, seven-day-a-week churches, and shopping-mall churches. Whatever the name, these large and dynamic congregations are the fastest-growing ones in the country. Behind this growth lie not only skillful marketing and management techniques that would make Peter Drucker proud but also new forms of worship and a chord-touching call to community and service.

by Charles Trueheart

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(Seahorse) The Uncertain Leviathan

On one side is the powerful, self-interested, undifferentiated establishment of government and news media, its interest in the body politic primarily clinical and invasive. On the other side is the public--insistent, but also bored and willfully ignorant; cynical, but also desperate and impatient. Now bring the two together and try running a country.

by Jonathan Schell

Domains Kaplan


(Seahorse) Notes & Comment: Proportionalism
As it contemplates the most troubled areas of the Third World, America must seek a path between apathy and optimism.
by Robert D. Kaplan

Sidebar: Beyond "The Coming Anarchy"

(Seahorse) Politics: A Race Too Far?
The Senate race in Massachusetts illustrates how both political parties are shielding their eyes from the central problems of our time.
by Jack Beatty

(Seahorse) Brief Lives: Eminent Domains
A morning at Monticello with the man who brought its grounds to life.
by Cullen Murphy

Fiction & Poetry

The Dummy
A short story
by Beth Lordan

(Seahorse) Memo From the Desk of Wallace Stevens
A poem
by Dick Allen

(Seahorse) The Weathervanes
A poem
by Linda Bierds

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Arts & Leisure

Travel: Abloom With Art
Sculpture parks are a proliferating form of public "gallery." A connoisseur tours some of his favorites nationwide.
by André Emmerich

Music: The Last Roundup
An indispensible new collection confirms the stature of Merle Haggard, whose body of work is among country's music's greatest.
by Tony Scherman

Sport: "Throwing Like a Girl"
No, men and women aren't "hinged" differently. So how come they tend to throw differently? Heedless of our culture's nervous delicacy toward matters of gender, the author undertakes an investigation.
by James Fallows


(Seahorse) The Only People for Him
The Portable Jack Kerouac and Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters 1940-1956, edited by Ann Charters
by Ralph Lombreglia

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The August Almanac

Word Watch
by Anne H. Soukhanov

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