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(Seahorse) The Warring Visions of the Religious Right

A prominent liberal theologian visits Pat Robertson's Regent University, which turns out to be a microcosm of the theological and intellectual turbulence within what is often mistakenly seen as a monolithic "religious right" in America.

by Harvey Cox

In the Strawberry Fields

California agriculture relies more than ever on the exploitation of an imported peasantry. And the rise of the strawberry industry reveals a new and insidiously oppressive form of sharecropping, tantamount to debt peonage.

by Eric Schlosser

(Seahorse) What Main Street Can Learn From the Mall

While others deride the aesthetics of the American shopping mall, one retail consultant, Robert Gibbs, argues that the principles of the mall can actually help revitalize towns and small cities.

by Steven Lagerfeld


Notes & Comment: The Elite Primary
Lamar Alexander's candidacy illustrates a profound and disturbing change that has come over the nominating process.
by David Frum

(Seahorse) Crime: A Model Prison
The cheapest way to run a correctional facility may be to treat prisoners humanely.
by Robert Worth

Personal File: Bow Ties
A private and public history.
by John D. Spooner

Fiction & Poetry

The Clash of the Titans
A short story
by Lynn Caraganis

A poem
by Stephen Tapscott

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Arts & Leisure

(Seahorse) Travel: Scaling the Heights
A ski trip to Switzerland need not be out of reach.
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

(Seahorse) Art: Traveling Collections
What New York's Whitney Museum now has in common with the San Jose Museum of Art.
by Carol Kino

Sport: The World's Toughest Competition
Introducing a sporting event that could violate the Geneva Convention.
by Michael Finkel


(Seahorse) A Passive President?
Lincoln, by David Herbert Donald
by James M. McPherson

From Out of the South
All God's Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence, by Fox Butterfield
by Jack Beatty

Brief Reviews
by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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The November Almanac

Word Court
by Barbara Wallraff

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