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THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY | Volume 292 No. 3 | October 2003
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October 2003 cover Letters to the Editor

The Agenda
How to Run for President  A primer for the Democratic candidates from Congress, who face daunting historical odds
by David Brooks

BRIEF LIVES: Force Multiplier  Wesley Clark is not Haig and not Eisenhower. And some Democrats are hoping he won't be Cuomo
by Joshua Green

POST MORTEM: The Man Who Invented Elvis  Sam Phillips (1923-2003)
by Mark Steyn

CARTOON: Proposed Designs for the New Iraqi Dinar  by Barry Blitt

THE NATION IN NUMBERS: ProQuest  Shacking Up  The U.S. Census Bureau acknowledges cohabitation
by Jen Joynt and Carrie Shuchart

Primary Sources  Yet another way the rich are different; the gay-lesbian workplace divide; popular support for Russia's undemocratic President; TV violence, girls, and "indirect aggression"


The Dark Art of Interrogation
The most effective way to gather intelligence and thwart terrorism—the interrogation of captured suspects—can also be a direct route into morally repugnant terrain. What is America up to? A survey of the landscape of persuasion
by Mark Bowden
An Interview With Mark Bowden: The Truth About Torture
Mark Bowden, the author of "The Dark Art of Interrogation," on why the practice of coercion is a necessary evil. [Web only]
Who will succeed Egypt's Hosni Mubarak as the ruler of the world's most populous and important Arab country? The contenders include Mubarak's son and his spymaster
by Mary Anne Weaver

Oliver's Travels
In the days when he would make himself a nightcap and sit down to watch TV with his keepers, a chimpanzee named Oliver was hailed as the missing link. The author tracks down a retired world celebrity
by James Shreeve

Will Frankenfood Save the Planet?
Over the next half century genetic engineering could feed humanity and solve a raft of environmental ills—if only environmentalists would let it
by Jonathan Rauch


Park  A drawing by Guy Billout

Private Grief  A poem by Dick Allen [audio]

Literary Lives  William Butler Yeats
A drawing by Edward Sorel

The Situation  A poem by John Skoyles [audio]

The Lesson  A poem by Philip Levine [audio]


Books and Critics
New & Noteworthy
What to read this month
reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

Material Girl
Virginia Postrel defends our right to follow aesthetic bliss to the mall
reviewed by Tom Carson

Notes From a Native Daughter
Joan Didion has delivered a slim volume about California that confirms her "apparently irreversible decline"
reviewed by Benjamin Schwarz

Nannyhood and Apple Pie
A popular sociologist wonders whether the hired help is better at parenting than are parents
reviewed by Sandra Tsing Loh

Divine Comedy
Jamesland, by Michelle Huneven
reviewed by Elizabeth Judd

Alpine Daisy Miller
L'Affaire, by Diane Johnson
reviewed by Thomas Mallon
An Interview With Diane Johnson: An American in Paris
Diane Johnson, whose novels limn the cultural differences between France and America, talks about our "abiding fascination" with the French and their country. [Web only]
That Blessed Plot, That Enigmatic Isle
Peter Ackroyd's latest book is an exploration of "Englishness"
reviewed by Christopher Hitchens

Sticking Together
Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family, and Commitment, by Ethan Watters
reviewed by Caitlin Flanagan


Pursuits and Retreats
Why the Middle Ages are something we can still look forward to
by Cullen Murphy

TRAVELS: Inside Job
Animal bones have been found under the high altar of St. Peter's. Was the saint himself ever there?
by Tom Mueller

FOOD: Big Organic, Small Organic
Finding the most flavorful yogurt
by Corby Kummer

FICTION: Ghost-Birds
A short story by Nicolas Pizzolatto

The Puzzler by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon

Word Fugitives by Barbara Wallraff

Cover art by Kamil Vojnar.

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