How the guns rights movement undermines personal safety, why gay rights advocates are focusing too much attention on Indiana, what Christian musicians are doing to make religion culturally relevant, and more...

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Internet Ruined April Fool's Day

The holiday's jokes are unfunny and misleading. They're also, often, redundant.

Megan Garber

How Corporations Took Over the First Amendment

More and more, it's companies—not individuals—that are benefiting from free-speech rights.

Joe Pinsker

The Misdirected Zeal of Same-Sex Marriage Converts

It is immoral to discriminate against gaysand irrational to make a religious freedom law in Indiana the focus of the gay-rights movement.

Conor Friedersdorf

How Gun Rights Harm the Rule of Law

Second Amendment activists are redefining the public sphere, and with it, American democracy.

Firmin DeBrabander

A Calling to Redeem Rap Music

Faith leaders and Christian musicians have taken issue with hip hop, a genre the church can't ignore if it wants to remain relevant.

Emma Green