Why history may not apply to the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, incredible images of plane crashes with miraculous outcomes, how to fight a surprise medical bill, and more…

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How to Get Low-Wage Workers Into the Middle Class

The Service Employees International Union has had unexpected success raising the minimum wage in cities across the country. But how far can they take that success without adding new union members?

Steven Greenhouse

Should Everyone Get to See Body-Camera Video?

In Washington, D.C., city officials are considering the nation’s most publicly accessible police-body-cam policy.

Robinson Meyer

Timeout for Opt-Outs?

A new poll suggests that a majority of adults think annual standardized testing is a good thing. They’re not as fond of the opt-out movement.

Alia Wong

Don’t Pay That Medical Bill

After heart surgery, a couple gets a $30,000 cardiologist’s invoice. Can others avoid the same fate?

Olga Khazan

Maybe This Time Really Is Different

Historical precedents augur against Donald Trump—but perhaps the old rules no longer apply.

Norm Ornstein

How Hamilton Recasts Thomas Jefferson as a Villain

The smash Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda joins the growing movement encouraging Americans to take a closer look at the Founding Father’s life and legacy.

Alana Semuels

Single Moms and Welfare Woes: A Higher-Education Dilemma

If earning a degree is key to getting single mothers—and their families—out of poverty, why is it so difficult for them to attend college?

Amanda Freeman

‘I Am Strange Here’: Conversations With the Syrians in Calais

“We have breakfast, we smoke, we laugh, we joke, we eat again, and after that in the night we have a try [at escaping to England]. Every night.”

Simon Cottee

How J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis Revived Modern Myth-Telling

Stories of the famous writers of Oxford

James Parker

Photo: When a Plane Crash Has a 'Happy Ending'

Photographer Dietmar Eckell has traveled across four continents to photograph mangled aircraft that share a miraculous history: No one perished in any of these crash landings.

Video: What Can We Do to Be Happier?

"Try to assume the best about other people."

Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg, Sam Price-Waldman, and Greyson Korhonen

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