What the world health community can learn from the Ebola outbreak, the impracticality of getting a Masters of Fine Arts degree, The Atlantic's entertainment team on the best songs of 2014, and more...

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Friday, December 19, 2014

North Korea Is Not Funny

Let's be clear: The Interview isn't a courageous act of defiance against a dictator.

Adrian Hong

How to Tell Whether Obama Did the Right Thing on Cuba

If the restoration of diplomatic ties leads to greater openness, then the president's bold move will be justified.

Jeffrey Goldberg

Bleeding the IRS Will Make the Tax System Worse

The budget deficit will grow, taxpayers won't get answers, and the rich will get off easier.

Norm Ornstein

M.F.A.s: An Increasingly Popular, Increasingly Bad Financial Decision

Like many graduate degrees, a Master of Fine Arts carries rising costs and brings limited job prospects So why are more Americans pursuing one?

Bourree Lam

Lessons From an Outbreak: How Ebola Shaped 2014

Experts weigh in on what to take away from the devastation of the disease.

Julie Beck

My Brother Was Almost Deported

All it takes is a single misdemeanor to get legal permanent U.S. residents deported, thanks to an incomprehensible and vindictive immigration system.

Edward Delman

Our Favorite Songs of 2014

Staff selections, from Taylor Swift to Sleater-Kinney to Kendrick Lamar

The Editors

The Intense Competition to Be the World's Most-Decorated House

Winning, this year, took 601,736 lights.

Megan Garber

2014: The Year in Volcanic Activity

It has been a particularly eventful year for the world's volcanoes. Out of an estimated 1,500 active volcanoes, 50 or so erupt every year, spewing steam, ash, toxic gases, and lava.

How to Break a National Habit

The demise of America’s cigarette addiction has been greatly exaggerated.

Kenneth E. Warner and Harold A. Pollack

Video: How to Cook Spaghetti Squash (and Why)

Cooking for yourself is one of the surest ways to eat well. Bestselling author Mark Bittman teaches James Hamblin the recipe that everyone is Googling.

James Hamblin and Katherine Wells

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