What the Zika virus could mean for Latin America, the search for a safer football helmet, scenes from the Iowa campaign trail, and more

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Friday, February 12, 2016

A Country Without Babies

Governments are telling women to postpone pregnancy during the Zika outbreak. What happens if they do?

Uri Friedman

The Limits of Football Helmets

No amount of head protection can fully protect players from concussions.

Jack Moore

Starbucks the Benevolent?

What would compel a massive company to start helping its employees pay rent and attend college?

Amanda Ripley

The Progressive Roots of the Pro-Life Movement

A new book looks at the history of anti-abortion advocacy before Roe v. Wade, arguing that today’s activists are much different than their predecessors.

Emma Green

The Other Children of Silicon Valley

Thousands of low-income kids—most of whom have immigrant parents—are missing out on the early education they need to keep up with their affluent peers.

Alia Wong

The Government Might Subpoena Your Toaster

Law-enforcement officials say they’re running out of ways to spy on criminals and terrorists. Maybe they’re not looking in the right places.

Kaveh Waddell

Snowed in at NASA, Keeping Watch Over a Space Colossus

Time is running out on the agency’s most ambitious science mission in generations, and that means no stopping for anything—not even a historic blizzard.

Ross Andersen

How Ghana's Gory, Gaudy Movie Posters Became High Art

In the ’80s and ’90s, artists were charged with making films seem as lurid and enticing as possible, regardless of plot.

Ryan Lenora Brown

Getting Over Sylvia Plath

Her husband, Ted Hughes, drew on his childhood to create powerful poetry.

Christopher Benfey

The Rise of Polynesian Football Players in America

How Star Lotulelei of the Carolina Panthers made it to the NFL

Nadine Ajaka

Scenes From Iowa

Scenes from the past few frantic months in Iowa, as presidential hopefuls made appearances in every corner of the state.

Alan Taylor

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