The reason why you never see TV interviews with inmates, the racial dynamics of "hick hop," the myth of wealthy men and beautiful women, and more...

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Why Don't You Ever See TV Interviews With Inmates?

A Supreme Court decision 40 years ago this summer allowed states to block access to specific prisoners. What does that mean for freedom of the press and our justice system?

Adrian Shirk

When the Boss Says, 'Don't Tell Your Coworkers How Much You Get Paid'

Whether I was working as a barista or a paralegal, the story was the same: My employers wanted me to keep my mouth shut about money.

Jonathan Timm

The Brilliance of Louis C.K.'s Emails: He Writes Like a Politician

Where campaign strategy and comedy marketing collide

Adrienne LaFrance

The Racial Dynamics of 'Hick Hop'

Jason Aldean and Ludacris, Florida Georgia Line and Nelly, and on and on: a conversation with sociologist Tressie McMillan Cottom on the recent wave of cross-genre party music.

Noah Berlatsky

The Myth of Wealthy Men and Beautiful Women

Similarity and companionship are the currency of attraction, for better or worse.

James Hamblin

Why Poor Schools Can’t Win at Standardized Testing

The companies that create the most important state and national exams also publish textbooks that contain many of the answers. Unfortunately, low-income school districts can't afford to buy them.

Meredith Broussard

Working Mom Arrested for Letting Her 9-Year-Old Play Alone at Park

A South Carolina woman thought it was better than forcing her kid to sit at McDonald&'s all day. Now the state has taken custody.

Conor Friedersdorf

Bashar al-Assad and the Devil’s Gambit

The Syrian leader has become a de facto U.S. ally. How'd he do it?

Dominic Tierney

A Bar in Britain That Doesn’t Serve Beer

In Britain's "dry bars," alcohol-free is the new alcohol

Uri Friedman

In Focus: Photos of the Week, 7/12-7/18

This has been a very eventful week. This edition features images from Ukraine, Israel, and Gaza, as well as other events large and small around the world. From Germany's victory in the World Cup, to Manhattanhenge, the Supermoon, Bastille Day, and much more.

Video: How to Survive as a Bike Messenger in NYC

Ever wonder about the inner life of the pizza delivery guy?