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Monday, October 20, 2014

Charlie Crist's Fan: A Love Story

His opponents have laughed at it for years, but at Wednesday's gubernatorial debate, the Florida pol's favorite accessory stole the show.

Molly Ball

25 Is the New 21

For some parents, the deadline for a kid's financial independence has gotten an extension.

Randye Hoder

What If Black America Were a Country?

The statistics reveal a fragile state within a superpower.

Theodore R. Johnson

The Woman Who Invented Disposable Diapers

Today, 95 percent of American babies wear them. But when Marion Donavan tried to find a manufacturer for her idea, the men who controlled the industry brushed her off.

Sarah Laskow

The Vatican's New Stance Toward Gays and Divorcees

"Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community," bishops wrote in a report recently released from Rome.

Emma Green

The Divorce-Proof Marriage

Your income, how long you dated, and how many people attend your wedding affect the odds you'll stay together.

Olga Khazan

​The Saddest Thing About the Kesha/Dr. Luke Lawsuit

It's how familiar it all is.

Sophie Gilbert

In Defense of Christmas Music in October

Idina Menzel is confused that her Christmas album is out before before Halloween—but the early release is actually a good thing for her, and for the public.

Kevin O'Keeffe

Poor Kids Are Starving for Words

According to a new initiative, launched at the White House on Thursday, the "word gap" that afflicts low-income children needs to be addressed with the same passion as child hunger.

Jessica Lahey

Magazine: Why Kids Sext

An inquiry into one recent scandal reveals how kids think about sexting—and what parents and police should do about it.

Hanna Rosin

Video: Carrot: A Pitch-Perfect Satire of the Tech Industry

In this comedy short, Dan Angelucci parodies the de rigueur announcements made by seemingly every start-up in America. Angelucci aims to innovate the edible root: "It's not just a vegetable. It's what a vegetable should be."

Skulls and Bones

In a number of crypts, catacombs, chapels, and memorials around the world, human skeletons are arranged for public view.

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