The mosquito-born virus threatening Caribbean vacationers, the reason behind stagnant wages, the rising price of degrading the Islamic State, and more...

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Democrats' Original Sin: Picking Healthcare Over the Economy

The story of the party's defeat begins early in Obama's first term, when Congress focused on climate change and Obamacare rather than jobs.

Charlie Cook

The Rise of Invisible Unemployment

Three theories about today's biggest economic mystery: If unemployment is shrinking, why aren't wages growing?

Derek Thompson

Everything Butt the Girl

Is Kim Kardashian defying sexist beauty standards, or helping create new ones?

Sophie Gilbert

How to Break a National Habit

The demise of America’s cigarette addiction has been greatly exaggerated.

Kenneth E. Warner and Harold A. Pollack

The Challenge of Teaching Science in Rural America

In districts where distances are wide and budgets are tight, even the most basic chemistry lab may be out of reach.

Alexandra Ossola

Should Political Sex Scandals Be News?

A new book about Gary Hart and an uncensored letter from the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr. reopen the debate on the line between the private and the political.

Noah Gordon

$300,000 an Hour: The Cost of Fighting ISIS

What price will the U.S. ultimately pay to neutralize the Islamic State?

Uri Friedman

The Boy With the Lego Hand

After wearing prosthetics all his life, 9-year-old Aidan Robinson has designed one that fits a Wii controller and screws on a Super Soaker.

Victoria Chao

'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red'

The evolving installation, titled "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red", began back on July 17, with the placing of a single ceramic poppy in the moat of the Tower of London. In the months since, another 888,245 poppies were added.

Video: Gentrification 'Without the Negative' in Columbus, Ohio

Nearly a quarter of the homes in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio are vacant. In 2011, an arts group moved into an abandoned factory in the area to create 400 West Rich Street, a community that now leases space to woodworkers, performance artists, a coffee shop, painters, sculptors, and others.

The 'Vacation Virus'

Chikungunya, a new mosquito-borne illness, is coursing through the Caribbean. I caught it and it's terrible.

Adam Chandler

The Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity

The intense focus on sexuality, purity, manhood, and womanhood in certain faith communities—and its consequences

Emma Green

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