The Silicon Valley Suicides, Hollywood on the Yellow Sea, Ad Placement <Amazon>, and more...

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December 2015

The disturbing trend of teen suicide in Silicon Valley, memorializing Stalin’s victims, Bill de Blasio’s crusade to progress, ugly sweater science, the greatest actor alive and more

Cover Story

The Silicon Valley Suicides

Why are so many kids with bright prospects killing themselves in Palo Alto?

Hanna Rosin


Hollywood on the Yellow Sea

Wang Jianlin, one of China’s richest men, is creating a rival to the American dream factory, from scratch.

Willy Shih and Henry McGee

The Equalizer: Bill de Blasio vs. Inequality

The New York City mayor has some big ideas, but they may be too much too fast.

Molly Ball

Why Primo Levi Survives

His will to bear witness, and record the hellish particularity of the Holocaust, helped save his life in Auschwitz. It also inspired the writing he will be remembered for.

William Deresiewicz

Short Story: Attitude Adjustment

After surviving a gruesome accident, a Catholic priest struggles with life.

Tim Gautreaux


The Front-Runner Fallacy

Early U.S. presidential polls have tended to be wildly off-target. There’s no reason to think this time is different.

David Greenberg

The Return of Electroshock Therapy

Can Sarah Lisanby help an infamous form of depression treatment shed its brutal reputation?

Dan Hurley

Why You Bought That Ugly Sweater

The scientific tricks stores use to part you and your money

Eleanor Smith

The End of Thirst

How we will find enough water for a warming planet

Sam Kean

Remembering the Soviet Union’s Disappeared

Russia has never fully reckoned with Stalin’s atrocities. Now a grass-roots effort is memorializing victims, plaque by plaque.

Noah Sneider

Texting in the Cockpit

A very short book excerpt

Greg Ip

Big in Israel: Vegan Soldiers

How the IDF is handling the changing dietary preferences of its servicemen and women.

Debra Kamin

The Culture File

The Double Life of John le Carré

How a con-artist father and treason in MI6 created the bard of the Cold War

James Parker

The Secret of Rome’s Success

Mary Beard’s sweeping history is a new read of citizenship in the ancient empire.

Emily Wilson

The Greatest Actor Alive

The rich career of the 87-year-old Max von Sydow, whose late-in-life projects include Star Wars and Game of Thrones

Terrence Rafferty

The Big Green Tent and the Subversive Power of Books

Ludmila Ulitskaya’s familiar portrait of the Soviet intelligentsia

Leonid Bershidsky

Our Gang: A Racial History of The Little Rascals

A new book offers a different perspective on the feisty crew of kids.

Ann Hulbert