Like Pravda Covering Chernobyl: Fox News on the Murdoch Problems

By James Fallows

Check out the front pages of FoxNews.Com and, taken at the same time about half an hour ago. You can click for a larger view of each, but no matter how big you make the Fox page, you're not going to see .... a certain fast-unfolding big story. Hmmm, I wonder what that missing story might be.


You'll see that Fox does highlight a media-ethics scandal. "OPINION: Why Gawker Was Wrong." It just turns out not to be the media-ethics scandal dominating coverage in the NYT and other "real" news organizations around the world:


If you scroll far enough down the page, you'll see a tiny little below-the-fold mention of the Watergate-scale unfolding Murdoch scandal.

Here's a challenge: For anyone who denies that Fox is a propaganda operation rather than news, run by apparatchiks rather than journalists, let's see an explanation of the difference between these pages and the story Fox pretends isn't there.

UPDATE: An hour after everyone else, the Fox site now has a small above-the-fold mention of Murdoch dropping the BSkyB bid. This is like the way the Soviet press covered Chernobyl: "small problem in the Ukraine."

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