Rethinking Language

We strip to our bones
on the page and stage just to
Receive acceptance.

Or maybe not "just," maybe
we peel away the surface

finding common ground
in our hands as we write truth.
Our mouths speaks the truth.

Our mouths are an opening
of sacred, of forgot: light

reflected from suns.
Plato, Adichie and King.
Guellen. Omelas.

I wonder what poems come next
and what nations they will build.

Climbed poetic hills
Whistle blows as we proceed
With poetic drills,

Discovering what it means
to be a poet, human.

First: life is never
about finding ourselves, it's
defining ourselves.

Mirrors never can reflect
the full truth of a poet.

Only the soul can.
The universal language
of the true poet.

Our words are bridges, ladders
antidotes, weapons, prayers.

Our words are breathing
pulsing on our tongues, alive
leaping from our mouths

to roost in nooks and crannies,
wings fluttering, faces singing

an early morning
wake-up call to the people
who are slumbering

In the depths of their white sheets,
poems and bodies rising.

Second: life don't exist
in a vacuum. Here we stand:
Writing for life's sake,

finding poetry in the
beauty of a baby step.

Rebellious teenage
footprints walking on language
creating fossils.

Creating something that lasts.
Building tomorrow, right now.

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