What America Looks Like: Different Sides of the Barber Shop


The United States as seen by its residents

barbershop 3.jpg

Tools in the foreground at a New Orleans barber shop. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

barbershop 2.jpg

A client gets a shave at the same barber shop. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

barbershop 4.jpg

Patrons at a Chicago barber shop listen to Barack Obama's inaugural address. (John Gress/Reuters)

barbershop 5.jpg

A man gets his hair cut on a barber shop truck in New York City. (Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

barbershop 6.jpg

A barber shop on the main street in Hammond, Louisiana. (Flickr user Smoorenburg)

barbershop 7.jpg

Dom's Barber Shop in Hallowell, Maine. (Flickr user Carl Lender)

barbershop 8.jpg

Barber Shop, 1956. (Seattle Municipal Archives)

barbershop 9.jpg
Unknown location. (Flickr user Senor Codo)

barbershop 10.jpg

A barber shop in Davis, California. (Flickr user Peter Alfred Hess)

barbershop 11.jpg

Aboard the USS Salem. (Flickr user Jimmyweee)

barbershop 12.jpg

Unknown location. (Flickr user _mogi)

barbershop 13.jpg
Somewhere in Northeastern Pennsylvania. (Flickr user Meltwater)

barbershop 14.jpg
Location unknown. (Flickr user A Continuous Lean)

barbershop 15.jpg

A barber shop in The Castro, San Fransisco (Flickr user meteo)

barbershop 16.jpg

The oldest barber shop in Austin, Texas. (Flickr user A Continuous Lean)

barbershop 111.jpg

The same Austin, Texas barber shop from the inside. (Flickr user Lachland Hardy)

barbershop 31.jpg

Grass Valley, California. (Flickr user Homie0001)

barbershop 17.jpg
A barber shop sign in Tyler, Texas taken March 11, 2007. (Flickr user Charles Williams)

barbershop 18.jpg

Executive Cuts in South Boston, Virginia. (Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 19.jpg

Major League Barber Shop, West Haven, Connecticut. (Flickr user Jayson Biggs)

barbershop 20.jpg

Brice's Barber Shop in SE Washington DC(Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 21.jpg

At the West point barber shop, a new cadet gets "the traditional haircut." (Flickr user West Point Public Affairs)

barbershop 22.jpg

Ballards Barber Shop in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C. (Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 24.jpg

A barber shop in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. (Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 25.jpg

A barber shop in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington D.C. (Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 26.jpg

Chevy Chase, Maryland. (Flickr user Mr. T in DC)

barbershop 27.jpg

Location unknown. (Flickr user Abnervision)

barnershop 28.jpg

Washington D.C. (Flickr user Elvert Barnes)

barbershop 29.jpg

South Campus, Madison. (Flickr user Boon Lee)

barbershop 30.jpg
Barber Antoine Ashe looks out over a condominium construction site across the street from his shop in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. (Keith Bedford / Reuters)

Previously in this series: Venice Beach, California. Western Georgia. Cincinnati, Ohio.  Birmingham, Alabama. Clarksdale, Mississippi. New York, New York. The border between Arizona and Nevada. Detroit, Michigan. Key West, Florida. Portland, Oregon. Boston, Massachusetts. Austin, Texas. Nashville, Tennessee. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Seattle, Washington. Portland, Maine. Yokena, Mississippi. Smyrna, Georgia. Vicksburg, Mississippi. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hoboken, New Jersey. Los Angeles, California. Kittery, Maine. Hamden, Connecticut. Westwood, New Jersey. Weehawken, New Jersey. Reno, Nevada. Luna, New Mexico. Athens County, Ohio, living on a bus. On the Ohio River, addicted to pills. At Ohio University, Chinese exchange students. Inner City Oakland, California, on a bicycle. Variations on the swimming pool. Yellowstone National Park. Independence, Iowa.

Submission guidelines: We're seeking photographs that capture the look and feel of the United States as seen by those who live here, rather than the stock images of postcards and TV backdrops. Email photos to whatamericalookslike@gmail.com - doing so affirms that you hold all rights to the submission, and grants us permission to publish your photo at TheAtlantic.com and in any future collection of What America Looks Like photographs.

Include the city and state where the image is taken, and as detailed a description as you're willing to offer. Also let us know if you've got a photo Web site or a link where a print of your photo is available for purchase.

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