Free Agency and the Myths it Creates

{Dwayne Betts}

For a long time I thought Joe Dumars was ahead of the curve as far NBA execs went. But his pick up of Gordon and Villanueva seem contrary to logic. Gordon is a gunner, a two guard in a point guard's body. How he will play alongside Hamilton is anyone's guess - and as I remember, Stuckey was the point guard of Detroit's future. It seems like Dumars is putting together a team of ex Huskies with the hopes of getting Geno Auriemma to come and coach them next season. Chauncey Billups looks better and better with every new move Dumars makes.

Now, if you compare Dumars to Danny Ferry you see how someone behaves that wants to keep a job. In Dumar's defense, he has no Lebron James. Still, in getting Shaq, and going after Artest, Ferry is showing he's about making the Cavs champions. Though I gotta admit I like the Artest sign, if it were to happen, much better than the Shaq sign. Too bad Artest is going to the Lakers. The Cav's backcourt and the wing players didn't show up against the Magic. As much as I like Mo Williams and Delonte West, the Cavs are going to have to get a lockdown defender to guard the big threes in the league. James can't guard Pierce and Allen, or Carter and Lewis. Shaq isn't going to change that - what's worse, having Shaq will make the other holes in their lineup that much more glaring.

The Lakers though, by signing Artest, are telling the league that Kobe is gunning for another repeat. And I'm not sure if there is much to stand in their way as it is with none of the teams out West making any major moves. The Spurs added Jefferson - but they seem old. And the Nuggets - they have all the pieces, but none of the heart needed. Carmelo is going to have to own a series against a team like the Lakers for them to advance to the finals, and then he's going to have to do it again for them to win.

And while all this is going on Iverson is looking for a team, the Celtics are sending players to recruit Rasheed Wallace (why I couldn't tell you) and people are predicting the Clippers to make the playoffs. 
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