Mickey Edwards

Mickey Edwards spent 16 years in Congress and 16 years teaching at Harvard and Princeton. He is a director of The Constitution Project and wrote Reclaiming Conservatism. More

Mickey Edwards was a member of Congress for 16 years and a chairman of the House Republican leadership's policy committee. After leaving Congress, he taught at Harvard for 11 years, where he was voted the Kennedy School's most outstanding teacher, and at Princeton for five years. He currently runs a political leadership program for elected officials as Vice President of the Aspen Institute and teaches defense policy and foreign policy at George Washington University. He has been a weekly columnist for The L.A. Times and The Chicago Tribune and is a weekly commentator on National Public Radio. Edwards served for five years as national chairman of the American Conservative Union and the annual Conservative Political Action Conference. He was one of three founding trustees of the Heritage Foundation. In 1980, he directed more than a dozen joint House-Senate policy advisory task forces for Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign. He is a director of The Constitution Project and has chaired task forces for the Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institution. He served on the American Bar Association task force that condemned President George W. Bush, and his most recent book, Reclaiming Conservatism, was published in 2008.

  • Say It Ain't So, Joe

    Why Joe Lieberman's attempt to strip terrorists of American citizenship is unconstitutional and violates basic American values.

  • On Discovering Bill Maher

    What a surprise to find that Bill Maher is neither funny nor smart

  • Oklahoma City

    The April 19, 1995 domestic terrorist attack proves we should temper political our political discussions and quit demonizing the other side as incompatible with America

  • An Anniversary Worth Noting

    On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry rose in St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia and, aware of the risks inherent in undertaking a rebellion against…

  • An Embarrassment

    Republican congressmen who rallied health care protesters during the debate insulted the dignity of American democracy

  • Not Believing in America

    What does America mean to Liz Cheney and William Kristol?

  • Michael Steele's Leadership Challenge

    Steele must prove himself and fire the finance chiefs who cooked up the RNC's leaked fundraising campaign

  • The Message from Texas

    Neither party should get too smug about Gov. Rick Perry's primary win

  • Why I'm Not at CPAC

    I was asked yesterday whether I would be going to CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which is currently being held a…

  • The Dysfunctional Senate

    If democracy is more about process--how decisions are made and who makes them--than about the policies that result, the United States Senate has…

  • Mr. Obama's Budget

    Years ago, the Congress assigned to the President the task of submitting each year a proposed federal budget. It has no force of law--deciding…

  • When the President Speaks...

    Once a week during his presidency, members of the Republican congressional leadership gathered in the White House Cabinet Room to meet with Ronald…

  • What Oath of Office?

    Every other January, members of Congress--all 435 in the House and newly-elected Senators--take an oath of office in which they swear to protect and…

  • Right Decision, Bad Law, and a Way Out

    Predictably, conservatives and liberals have taken quite different positions on the Supreme Court decision upholding the right of corporations to…

  • The Democrats' Dilemma

    The Massachusetts election is over and the result, a Republican victory, is predictably hurtful to Democrats, whose options for moving legislation…

  • Putting Some Steele Into the GOP

      It has been interesting--and amusing--to watch the media response to Michael Steele's kick-ass chairmanship of the national Republican Party. …

  • The Unbelievers

    Guilty.I confess.  To those who saw me as--accused me of being--an unrepentant non-PC believer in American "exceptionalism", a (dare I use the word)…

  • My Decade of Loss

    Looking back at a significant period of time - a century, a decade - the tendency is to get all Olympian about it, gazing down majestically from the…

  • Obama and the Republicans

    Panelists on one of Politico's web pages (Politico/Arena), were asked recently to answer this question: "Has President Obama moved to the right?" …

  • A Danger to Democracy

    In the short term, it is the legislation currently before Congress that will matter most: how lawmakers change the ways Americans pay for health care…


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