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Megan McArdle

Megan McArdle is a columnist at Bloomberg View and a former senior editor at The Atlantic. Her new book is The Up Side of Down.

  • But is it <i>art</i>?

    Kriston responds to my earlier post on sweatshop art:Now, I get the sense that McArdle is baiting her readers (and this writer) to deliver forth an…

  • Weird

    I worked from home for a little bit this morning, and from force of habit was watching BBC World News this morning. Bizarrely, there was a…

  • Sweep!

    If you're like me, you've shaken your head as the tweens and twentysomethings march off to movies based on their favorite video games.Well now, there…

  • Does torture work?

    One of the most facile dismissals of torture is that it doesn't work, so why bother? That's tempting, but it's too easy. Torture seems to me very…

  • The real and the ideal

    John Quiggin demands of Daniel Drezner:Unless “vital national interest” is construed so narrowly as to be equivalent to “self-defence”, this…

  • Carping on credit

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Illinois is experimenting with mandatory credit counseling for people considering non-traditional loans:Yet…

  • Did 9/11 ensure Republican hegemony in New York?

    Dave Weigel disagrees with my characterization of the Democratic mayoral candidates:Yes, Green nearly blew the primary election and gave it to…

  • You seem to have confused me with someone else

    SomeCallMeTim used to comment on my old site. He disagreed with almost everything I said, and occasionally was a little over the top with his…

  • This is your head on blogs

    Dan Drezner and I discuss the war, the financial panic, and my white jeans on BloggingheadsTV. If you've ever wondered what I look like early in the…

  • A middling mystery

    One of Matt's commenters asks, in re Rudy:Why do New Yorkers keep voting Republican? I don't care if they think it's cute-- they keep saddling us…

  • The morality of health care finance

    I think this post wins the prize for boringest title ever. Also, it seems to be roughly one squintillion words long. But stay with me. This is…

  • It's a regular soap opera out there

    I'm writing about healthcare in a desperate, but probably ultimately futile, attempt to communicate my romantic attraction to Ezra. Meanwhile,…

  • Flash from the past

    Speaking of Crazy Uncle Rudy, I wanted to link to Jim Henley's take on his Foriegn Affairs essay. I know, I know, you've already read it. But it's…

  • Public service announcement

    Roy Edroso's commenters are accusing me of blocking the link to my piece on the morality of health care transfers. I'm not even sure that's actually…

  • I fear you may have misunderstood me

    One of my commenters demands:Lets say Rudy did just make a bad choice, no ulterior motives. Isn't that bad enough? Don't we want a president that…

  • Why, sir, you're turning my poor head

    I know that the sweet, sweet, bloggy love which has greeted my arrival at The Atlantic cannot go on much longer. But it sure is fun while it lasts. …

  • Markets in everything

    Sweatshop copies of great art. Weren't many of the originals produced in similar factory-like conditions? Professor? Mr Teachout? Mr Capps? …

  • Love shack

    Mark Kleiman and I have been discussing the theory that the disaster recovery bunker in WTC 7 was placed so as to make the best love nest for Rudy…

  • Cruel victories

    Jim Henley notifies me that Michael Vick has just pled, taking 18-36 months. If I were religious, I would suspect that this would be the least of…

  • Everything old is new again

    Clever, witty, and devastatingly handsome international Man of Mystery Brian Beutler now has a new website called . . . Brian Beutler. Please…


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