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Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Citizens of the World

    Here's the McCain campaign, as approvingly quoted by Byron York at the Corner:While Barack Obama took a premature victory lap today in the heart of…

  • The New Klan

    Bill O'Reilly: "It is not a stretch to say that MoveOn is the new Klan." Here, for reference, is the kind of thing the Klan used to do:MoveOn, by…

  • Losing the New Media Battle

    Jonathan Martin has a very interesting article in Politico about the huge capabilities gap between left-leaning and right-leaning new media in terms…

  • Help for Refugees

    At long last the US government is going to succumb to pressure mounted by Ted Kennedy and others to get more generous in our treatment of Iraqi…

  • Hope for Integration?

    Richard Kahlenberg responds on the school integration issue with several points, including most notably that (a) many poor students aren't in big…

  • Al Jazeera on Blogs

    I was interviewed briefly as part of Shedrine Tadros's excellent piece for Al-Jazeera English on how blogs and the web are impacting the 2008…

  • Fully, Madly, Not So Much

    As you may have heard, the McCain campaign's been having some surrogate trouble lately with folks like Carly Fiorina saying that McCain favors "fully…

  • Straight Talk

    After goading Barack Obama into taking a trip abroad, John McCain's spent all day mocking Obama for being abroad and in the course of it he's gotten…

  • Looking for a Visionary

    Washington, DC is in need of a new transportation commissioner, and Greater Greater Washington is looking for signatures on a letter urging Mayor…

  • Priorities, Please

    Catherine notes that while hitting a pedestrian with a car in this city nets you just a $50 fine, biking the wrong way on a one-way street gets a $25…

  • Immigration and Wages

    Via Tyler Cowen, new research from Ottaviano and Peri:Using our estimates and Census data we find that immigration (1990-2006) had small negative…

  • The Trouble With School Integration

    A little while back I was getting very excited about racial and economic integration plans as a way to improve school performance. Evidence suggests…

  • Did McCain Back the New Counterinsurgency Strategy

    Robert Wright and Jim Pinkerton raise an important issue -- it's very clear from the record that John McCain strongly supported the dispatch of…

  • Freedom's Just Another Word for Perpetual Occupation

    New VoteVets ad takes on John McCain's new line that we don't need to listen to the Iraqi government when deciding whether or not our troops will be…

  • Phoenix Initiative

    When I found out that the Center for a New American Security had a project under way called the "Phoenix Initiative" I was naturally concerned. Is…

  • Dark Knight Politics

    Eric Alterman says:p.s. I saw The Dark Knight yesterday afternoon, and I think it pulled off the neat trick of being both libertarian and fascistic,…

  • The Party of Cheetos

    I'm a pretty regular Morning Joe watcher as it happens, and I even caught some of yesterday's broadcast. But I missed the part where Joe Scarborough…

  • Remember When...

    ... John McCain's big criticism of Barack Obama was that he didn't take enough foreign trips -- especially to Iraq -- and how he hadn't been…

  • Four Way

    It's more bad news for Barack Obama as an MSNBC poll shows him maintaining a six point lead over John McCain in a political climate when he should be…

  • Beetle in a Box

    So John McCain said the surge led to the Anbar Awakening even though the Awakening, in fact, happened before the surge began. So he's ignorant. Or…


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