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Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • DC Prep

    Trailer:Sadly, reliable sources inform me that this is not a trailer for an actual show just an aspiring director trying to get noticed. But as a…

  • The Audacity of Daily Tracking

    Gallup remarks:Obama's particularly large leads over McCain in Friday and Saturday's tracking suggest that the massive publicity surrounding Obama's…

  • Beer: It's What's For Dinner

    Beer is back, regaining a large lead over wine as America's favorite alcoholic beverage after wine threatened to close the gap around 2005.…

  • The Transitivity of Timetables

    As the right continues to try to sort out a coherent response to the Iraqi government's embrace of Barack Obama's vision for Iraq, John McCain tries…

  • Obama's Super-Strength

    Like Robert Farley I'm not sure whether to believe these tales of super-strength from the German press:He goes and picks up a pair of 16 kilo weights…

  • Barack and the Hispanics

    Back during the primaries, everyone kept formally admitting that it was wrong to engage in the form of inference "candidate X lost group A in a…

  • The Times We Live In

    Slate interactive venn diagram of Bush administration criminals is fun and funny, but in that "having played with this for a few minutes I'm actually…

  • Friday Links

    Some stuff:CQ shifts its ratings of a bunch of House races in Democrats' favor.Ilan Goldenberg explains why sound counterinsurgency doctrine requires…

  • The Mashup

    Pat Leahy used to have two different bills aimed at tilting the legal playing field more firmly in the direction of large for-profit content…

  • Three Strikes and You're Out

    Marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples leads naturally enough to gay divorce. Along those lines, I was thinking recently that if you really…

  • Bush and Batman

    Via Isaac Chotiner, Andrew Klavan writes in The Wall Street Journal that Bush is Batman:There seems to me no question that the Batman film "The Dark…

  • Great Moments in Straight Talk

    Marc Ambinder reports from the stump on John McCain's bold stance against cancer with Lance Armstrong:McCain developed an antipathy to tobacco…

  • Foreign Desks

    Nicholas Kristof observes that "Only four American newspapers now have foreign desks." He goes on to suggest that technology may partially mitigate…

  • Lawn-Sharing

    Back yards are an interesting phenomenon. Most people, even confirmed city-dwellers like myself, see their appeal. Certainly the thing I miss most…

  • The Game-Changer

    Don't ask me, ask former Bush communications director Dan Bartlett:“Time will tell, but the al-Maliki comments about a timetable is very close to a…

  • A Cheeto Interlude

    Spencer was inspired by Joe Scarborough to try out some Cheetos. "They start off good," remarked Ackerman, "but there's a rapidly diminishing return.…

  • Beyond "Knowledge"

    Fred Kaplan has a good column trying to move beyond John McCain's many gaffes and get at the point that despite his war hero background, his ideas…

  • Bad Math

    Here's Ken Pollack explaining that if you count wrong, then McCain and Obama have similar positions on Iraq: Well, I actually think his timeline,…

  • Thesis Follies

    Steve Sailer darkly hints:I hear Stanley Kurtz has been in Illinois digging up Obama's paper trail for upcoming articles in the Weekly Standard and…

  • Krauthammer's Case

    In Version 1 of the argument over whether or not the United States should embrace the Bush/McCain vision of a neoimperial relationship with Iraq, the…


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