Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Revenue Drop

    It seems the price-induced reductions in miles driven we're experiencing is significant enough that it's producing a shortfall in gas tax money going…

  • Policy Research: Department of the Obvious

    In a new Brookings paper, Melissa S. Kearney and Phillip B. Levine reach the startling conclusion that when you increase the number of teenagers…

  • Nothing Beats a Good Coverup

    I'm sure there were tons of legitimate purposes for issuing this order:The Environmental Protection Agency is warning its pollution enforcement…

  • Contrasting Through Falsehood

    Marc Ambinder writes about the prospects for an elite backlash against the McCain campaign's new strategy of making stuff up:"I will defend every…

  • Low Standards

    I see Eric Alterman paid closer attention than I did to Jamie Kirchick's missive about J Street from last week and found this important nugget.…

  • The Unknown Obama

    One pundit who I guess we can be sure won't be falling out of love with John McCain is Richard Cohen who today writes that he can name more admirable…

  • Record Deficits

    Dean Baker notes that press coverage of a "record" deficit projection is based on measuring the deficit in terms of nominal dollars. You can do that…

  • Visiting the Troops

    I caught some of MSNBC's coverage yesterday afternoon and David Shuster was being shockingly forthright in pointing out that the McCain campaign's…

  • Leverage Needed

    Chris Broussard wrote last week about the Atlanta Hawks lowballing Josh Smith: "Atlanta realizes Smith has no leverage (I'm told Europe is not on his…

  • Faster Than a Speeding Myth

    Ross Douthat recommends some anti-Dark Knight musings from A.O. Scott:I don't want to start any fights with devout fans or besotted critics. I'm…

  • More Bad News

    Obama's lead in the polls is bad news for Obama explains the NYT's Adam Nagourney -- he should be winning by a larger margin.

  • Justice IG Report

    It's as if shrill bloggers have taken over The Washington Post: "Justice Officials Repeatedly Broke Law on Hiring, Report Says"Former Justice…

  • Predictions

    Phil Klinker at the Monkey Cage jokes:Tom Edsall has a good overview of the election predictions offered by various political scientists. The…

  • The Cost of Redshirting

    Traditionally, one of the sources of America's advantage in wealth vis-a-vis the rest of the world has been higher overall levels of educational…

  • Will McCain Abandon Cap and Trade

    John McCain likes to point to his record on climate change as an example of an issue on which he differs with the Bush administration. But over time…

  • Summers on the GSEs

    If I'm understanding Larry Summers correctly he's saying we ought to nationalize Fannie and Freddie:In this scenario, the government would operate…

  • New J Street Endorsements

    Back on Friday, Jamie Kirchick wrote a kind of unhinged tirade against myself, other liberal Jewish writers such as Eric Alterman, and J Street, the…

  • Oil and Democracy

    I haven't read Kenneth Pollack's A Path Out of the Desert so I won't vouch for Lee Smith's gloss of its argument but I thought that what Smith says…

  • Life in Iraq

    If you look back to the summer of 2005, you'll see that few people at the time regarded conditions in Iraq as "good" or even acceptable. And yet…

  • Driving Down the 101

    Kevin Drum is trying to find the answer to a question I asked him when I was in Orange County a little while back -- why is it that in southern…


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