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Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • More Honesty Please

    Andrew Sullivan and Gene Healy both denounce Hillary Clinton's insidious plan to "take things away from you [a group of wealth people] on behalf of…

  • The Economy Is Stupid, Stupid

    Today's column -- enjoy.

  • Weak

    Andrew Sullivan's ham-handed attack on William Raspberry's defense of Fahrenheit 9-11 really makes Raspberry's column (and, by extension, the film)…

  • All Those Prisoners

    I tried to read the detainee case decisions, but really the only one I could understand was Scalia's dissent in Hamdi. That made a lot of sense to me…

  • Summer in the Cities

    Black man's got a lot of problems.But he knows how to throw a brick.Or so said Joe Strummer. Mark Schmitt thinks he may have forgotten, with the…

  • The Gas

    Juan Cole makes an important point about the odd theory that the "real" motive for the Afghan War was a desire to build a natural gas pipeline from…

  • Oh Canada!

    Instead of shifting right as many were predicting yesterday, Canadian politics seems to have taken a left turn, at least functionally. The Liberals…

  • Hawks After Hawkery

    Via Laura Rozen who's got some thoughts on this, a good Fox News piece on the Iranian threat. I suspect that the hawks' efforts to push the panic…

  • Blogads

    Having some trouble with the blogads.

  • Fafblog Veepstakes

    Funny stuff, but one ought to speak no ill of John Edwards as long as the specter of Gephardtism is still stalking the land. The latter gentleman's…

  • John Rawls: Self-Promoting Hack?

    Chris Bertram put up what I think is a rather churlish post about this thing I wrote that's produced some interesting discussion in the comments…

  • And Another Thing

    Of course, the other thing to be said about Canada is that no matter how rightwing Stephen Harper may be, no one would be crazy enough to bestow upon…

  • Ill-served

    Obligatory haven't-seen-the-movie-yet-going-tommorrow-night disclaimer. That said, I think my friend Richard Just flies a bit off the handle with…

  • Misreading Canada

    The New Republic wonders if we're about to witness the dawn of Bush-style conservatism in Canada. This seems to me to be founded on a mistake. The…

  • Welcome

    For right now, consider this site a temporary expedient, as I'm having trouble getting the old one fixed. I may make a permanent move over to this…

  • TypePad

    This is Matthew Yglesias' new TypePad weblog.


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