Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Obama's Svelt Problem

    WSJ: "But in a nation in which 66% of the voting-age population is overweight and 32% is obese, could Sen. Obama's skinniness be a liability? Despite…

  • Good Advice

    As sometimes happens when I read Marc Ambinder's blog, today I'm puzzled by the mentality of the campaign reporter:While we've been focusing on the…

  • Jobs

    Despite yesterday's news that the economy is back to growing (albeit slowly) it seems job losses are still mounting. With inflation also on the rise,…

  • Race Cards

    I think the McCain campaign's "Celebrity" ad and the whole line about Barack Obama being too arrogant or something are pretty ridiculous, but it's a…

  • Housing First

    For reasons that remain a bit murky, the Bush administration, which has a terrible record on everything, seems to have a great record on homelessness…

  • Learning The Rules

    Chris Sheridan notes that LeBron James opened Team USA's exhibition game against Turkey with a FIBA move, swatting a ball that had hit the rim and…

  • Celebrity Skin

    I see I'm not the only one who thought John McCain's "Celebrity" ad would be a good opportunity for a Hole reference, as Michael Crowley goes there…

  • Absolute Privilege

    The Bush administration wants to say that its officials have carte blanche to ignore congressional subpoenas, to which Judge John Bates replies:The…

  • Defining Candor Down

    With some press outlets now pointing out that John McCain's dishonest ads are dishonest, I got a few commenters wondering if I'll stop complaining…

  • Out of Touch

    Pivoting off the news about John McCain's $520 shoes, Chris Hayes wonders if the press will ever notice that John McCain is a rich, out of touch…

  • The Good Guys

    The Hill takes a look at what smart growth and transit advocates are doing to try to take advantage of high gas prices to convince people that a…

  • Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is probably the cheapest, easiest renewable resource we have available to us. For a long time, energy was cheap and national policy…

  • Celebrity Skin

    Pardon me if you've seen this point elsewhere, but in what sense is John McCain not a celebrity? I've seen him on the covers of magazines, on…

  • Management By McCain

    Kevin Drum's not the only liberal upset by a political press that can't seem to hold John McCain responsible for John McCain's campaign tactics. But…

  • What Was Wrong With HMOs?

    Say the word "HMO" and most Americans start reaching for their revolver. But most people who look at health policy and health economics agree that…

  • Podcastin'

    Back when I was in college and writing a blog, nobody even knew what a blog was. These days, though, the kids have all kinds of fancy new media…

  • Pants on Fire V

    Business Week: "This ad asserts a McCain campaign talking-point that Obama wouldn’t make time for wounded troops unless cameras were allowed to…

  • The Good Times Roll

    Profits way up at Exxon and Shell. That sounds to me like a good time to implement John McCain's plan for a "summer holiday" tax cut for oil…

  • Artest to Houston

    The competition in the Western Conference just gets tougher as Houston acquired Ron Artest in exchange for draft picks and Bobby Jackson. Good news…

  • Scherer on Tax Plans

    I criticized Michael Scherer's article comparing the McCain and Obama tax plans, but he's done a great post at Swampland following up on the article…


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