Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • A Good Question

    Tim Fernholtz, a new American Prospect writing fellow, is becoming must-reading. Here he is with a good question about McCain's "listen to the…

  • Some Toxin With Your Duck

    I'd really been hoping that the Bush administration could find some way to use their lame duck status to make it easier to expose workers to toxins,…

  • They Got Next

    WNBA strikes a blow for equality with professional women's basketball's first-ever bench-clearing brawl.

  • Who Likes Solutions?

    Citizens for Global Solutions is a great organization committed to a liberal internationalist approach to the world (the UN, multilateral nuclear…

  • Boot's Flailing

    Max Boot tries to rationalize staying in Iraqi no matter what Iraq's government says. First:This is part of a pattern for Maliki, who, though he won…

  • McCain's Mixed-Up Timeline

    To repeat something mentioned below, John McCain told Katie Couric that the surge caused the Anbar Awakening:Colonel McFarland was contacted by one…

  • Google Walks

    Ryan Avent says Google's still not evil as they add pedestrian-specific routing to Google Maps. I've never found it all that difficult to make the…

  • Beware Finland

    Dana Goldstein draws out attention to this somewhat absurd Ed in '08 ad warning that unless we heed their message of reform, Finland will bury…

  • McCain's Surge of Time Travel

    Here's John McCain talking to Katie Couric and explaining -- but with his facts all wrong -- why the Anbar Awakening counts as a consequence of the…

  • Who Pays for Highways?

    To reiterate something I said yesterday, the idea that road spending is entirely paid for by the gasoline tax is simply mistaken. Public sector…

  • We Owe It All to the Surge

    After a couple of days worth of chaotic retreat, the right wing seems to have settled on a fallback position, namely that it's only possible to now…

  • Insurance Company Rules

    New ad from Health Care for America Now:Feisty rhetoric aside, the policy point here is that health insurance companies are a weird beast relative to…

  • Perfection

    Well, girls, if you're out there following the American presidential campaign you'll be glad to know that The Washington Post is around to tell you…

  • I Can Haz Chart?

    Stunning stuff as National Review's Peter Robinson asks John Cogan a question:Q: The chart shows the increase in spending in dollar terms. Haven't…

  • What Remains

    Good piece by Matt Duss. I especially like the last bit:Perhaps most importantly, no real consensus yet exists among Iraqis as to what the new Iraq…

  • Flippity Floppity

    Jason Zengerle gets even-handed:There's no denying that liberals who once derided Maliki as a Bush administration stooge are now touting him as the…

  • McCain's Gaffes

    Mike Allen and Jim Van deHei finally take note of McCain's frequent gaffes. Interestingly, they view his proclivity for misstatements primarily…

  • The Good Life

    Via Tapped, a report on private jets from the Institute for Policy Studies:As Americans prepare to pay extra for checked bags, wait in long lines,…

  • I Make My Own Luck

    Dan Balz reviews Obama's trip to Iraq: "But the curious turn of events made for an unexpected opening act for the Democrat's week-long tour of seven…

  • McCain's Waterloo

    I think the "news analysis" features in the newspapers are a little bit per se absurd (it's not an opinion! we swear! it's analysis!) but Richard…


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