Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias is a former writer and editor at The Atlantic.

  • Aim For Higher Inflation

    The Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee should announce a plan to target inflation at 3 or 4 percent

  • In HBO's 'Treme', Realism Battles Sappiness

    The new David Simon series has its moments of painful sentimentality, but it seems poised to offer a refreshingly accurate picture of black neighborhoods in New Orleans

  • End the Vice Presidency

    For most of its history, the office of the vice presidency has been a curiosity rather than a danger, famous primarily for the disparaging…

  • The Silenced Majority

    The filibuster is obstructive, anachronistic, and undemocratic. It's time to kill it off for good.

  • Obama, Ayers, and Guilt By Association

    By Sarah Palin's logic, McCain should be held accountable for his association with Watergate burglar G. Gordon Libby.

  • The Rising

    With demography on its side, the emerging Democratic majority is about to arrive.

  • Good Night, and Good Luck

    Well, kids, today is my last day as an Atlantic blogger and this is my last Atlantic post. The blog should re-launch on Monday, August 11…

  • It's All Management

    Megan McArdle says we shouldn't blame bad management from GM's staggering $15 billion loss:The company is scrambling to retool for small cars, and…

  • Better Off

    Barack Obama paraphrases Ronald Reagan's famous question: "Are you better off than you were four or eight years ago?"Now personally, I'd say I'm much…

  • Getting Our Stereotypes Straight

    Ali Frick notes Michael Goldfarb expressing some displeasure that the NYT editorial page's blog didn't like his candidate's dumb ads. Here's Goldfarb…

  • Non-Mysteries

    With the fundamentals so favorable to Barack Obama, why can't he crack open a bigger lead against John McCain? What's wrong with him? Does he need to…

  • Must-See Fake TV

    Francis Fukuyama, ex-neocon, bloggingheadses with Robert Kagan, the wiliest and best-respected of the neos. I note, for the record, that Kagan's…

  • Preferences

    It really is too bad that in this country an accident of birth can get you preferential treatment and cushy jobs, when we should be building the kind…

  • War Spending

    Eric Umansky at Pro Publica has assembled some cool graphics on the fiscal cost of the Iraq war. As you can see below, the inflation adjusted dollar…

  • Rachel Maddow

    She's good:So there are all these liberals in the country. Probably if you took a smart liberal who performs well on television and made her the host…

  • Slate Revisited

    Enough people in the business have gotten in touch with me in a hurry to dispute the idea that Slate is a center-right publication that I'm starting…

  • Pakistani Intelligence Behaving Badly

    Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt report on evidence that Pakistan's ISI helped plan the bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul which is pretty…

  • Getting Away With It

    I'm pretty sure the behavior Wal-Mart is engaged in here, pressuring employees to vote for John McCain, is illegal. But the real scandal is what's…

  • At Last!

    Zvika Krieger reads about LibertyWire:Have you ever been reading Slate and found yourself thinking, "This is great, but if only if were more…

  • Freedom

    Ezra's damn right about this. Go to pretty much any populated part of the United States, buy some land, and try to build something on it and you'll…


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