Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper is a managing editor (White House) for National Journal.

  • After New Haven, Affirmative Action Is Not Back

    The Court's New Haven ruling won't resurrect it as an issue.

  • What Barack Obama Owes Michael Jackson

    They were born three years and 24 days apart. And a more than an ocean separated the only child of a Kenyan father and a Kansan mother and the Gary,…

  • Clarence Thomas, Outcast? Or President?

    Today, the Supreme Court issued its second 8-1 decision with Clarence Thomas providing as the lone dissenting voice. Last week, it was the court's…

  • The New Tom Joads

    The Wall Street Journal has a great story this morning about people who have become semi-nomad because of the recession. (Subscription required.) Our…

  • What Bill Clinton Can Teach Mark Sanford

    I made the point earlier that Bill Clinton was famously saved by the perception that he was  undistracted by his affair and the he was still focused…

  • We've Got More Questions for Mark Sanford

    Mark Sanford's extraordinary press conference leads to a number of questions about what happens next to a governor and former congressman who was…

  • Don't Cry For Me, Mark Sanford

    Will be Twittering the Mark Sanford press conference at 2 PM Eastern. In the mean time, interesting reading can be done here on the Politics Channel…

  • The Crucifixion of Nico Pitney

    Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration but the Huffington Post reporter is getting tweaked this morning for the question he posed to President Obama…

  • Why Are Obama's Polls Slipping?

    Today's presidential press conference was supposed to be held in the Rose Garden, but it got canceled because of the heat. I suspect this was less a…

  • Voting Rights, Afterthoughts

    My old colleague and friend, Abigail Thernstrom, makes the case against minority-majority districts in the National Review.  The Nation reverts to…

  • Obama's Weird "AA" Crack

    It tells you something that neither Afghanistan nor Iraq came up at the president's press conference. The United States is simultaneously prosecuting…

  • The Coming Voting Rights Explosion

    Having read the opinion in the voting rights case, I got a little bit of the feeling I did after the Israel-Hezbollah war of 2006. It ended…

  • Voting Rights For Our Time

    Will have more later on the Roberts Court opinion on the Voting Rights Act. I guess a few things struck me after seeing the initial ruling. 1. You…

  • The Centrist Fallacy

    A few things to know about Washington. The press loves centrists. Any self-styled moderate who bucks their party is sure to get good play and…

  • More Neocon Buffoonery

    You would think that the Neocons would be a tad temperate after having gotten so many things wrong for so long. But look at the way the amiable…

  • Who Will Be The Republican Al From?

    Tonight there will be one of those lavish Washington tributes. Speeches, toasts, gentle ribbing and fulsome praise--they'll all be on display at the…

  • Will Health Care Crash?

    There's been tons written about why this time is different than last time. The conventional wisdom has it that last time health care crashed because…

  • The Coming Republican Reality Check

    The usually wise and always engaging Mike Murphy has a piece in Time on a familiar there: the Hispanic woes of the GOP. The story he tells is…

  • Tim Russert, Me And The CIA Leak Case

    He was a lawyer and too smart, too cautious to say anything. So he would just roll his eyes when we passed at the NBC News building on Nebraska…

  • But, Hey, The Stimulus Is Good

    An administration official took about eight minutes before whacking me (gently) about my post on the Biden stimulus celebration tour. So let me be…


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