October 2013

The case against high-school sports, the trouble with homework, the new terrorist training ground, how the NFL fleeces taxpayers, James Bond's inner life, and more

The Atlantic - October 2013


The Conversation

Responses and reverberations

The Big Question

What was the greatest speech, historical or fictional, ever given?


The Case Against High-School Sports

What if we spent the money, time, and energy we devote to Friday-night football games on boosting academic performance?

How the NFL Fleeces Taxpayers

Public subsidies, tax breaks, and exorbitant salaries—it's time to stop enriching the league, and the feudal lords who own its teams.

The Boom Towns and Ghost Towns of the New Economy

How the recession changed our economic geography

The New Terrorist Training Ground

While America focuses on threats from the Middle East and South Asia, Mali has become a jihadist haven.

My Daughter’s Homework Is Killing Me

What happens when a father takes on his 13-year-old daughter's nightly workload
Debate: Educators weigh in on how much homework is too much


Losing Is the New Winning

How we came to fetishize failure

'Arab Spring' Goes Back to 1975?

Five contemporary terms that are older than you might think

The Devil’s Daughter

What does the rise of Marine Le Pen's right-wing nationalist politics say about France?

Why It’s Never Been More Fun to Watch Sports

A discussion with Hank Adams, the CEO of Sportvision, the company that created the glowing hockey puck and football's yellow line

No. 1 in Wine and Porn! The Idiocy of State Rankings

Comparing totally dissimilar populations can yield remarkably little insight.

This Is a Condom

Durable, foldable, and actually fun

Wall Street Gets Back Into Real Estate

The fast-money crowd enters the rental business.

Violence Is Contagious

What goes around really does come around.

Problem: My Mother Is Annoying

Our advice columnist to the rescue

Not a Berliner Anymore: Trashing the JFK Legend in Germany

... while Obama's popularity takes a hit there, too

Why Professors Should Be Like Preachers

... or coaches or therapists. The primary importance of motivating students in post-secondary education.

The Culture File

The Inner Life of James Bond

The publication of William Boyd’s new 007 novel, Solo, occasions a reexamination of the superspy’s character—or telling lack thereof.

Malcolm Gladwell: Guru of the Underdogs

His latest gospel of success further romanticizes the Davids of the world and underrates the Goliaths.

Why We're Still Struggling to Make Sense of Modernism

We may like to think of ourselves as postmodern, but the modernists upended conventions—in art and in life—in ways that have challenged us ever since.

Cover to Cover

New fiction from Jhumpa Lahiri, and the joy of singing with others


Where the Wild Things Go

A government facility outside of Denver houses more than a million products of the illegal wildlife trade, from tigers and bears to bald eagles.


Adults Need Playtime Too

When was the last time you played your favorite childhood game?


Is Wine Healthy?

James Hamblin prepares to impress his date with knowledge about the health benefits of wine.


The World's Largest Balloon Festival

Nine days, more than 700 balloons, and a whole lot of hot air



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