September 2013

How to think about drones, killers on Craigslist, the risks of being a workaholic, the courage of The Clash, and more

The Atlantic - September 2013


The Conversation

Responses and reverberations

The Big Question

Who was the greatest athlete of all time?


The Killing Machines

How to think about drones

Did an 8-Year-Old Spy for America?

When U.S. allies in Yemen needed help targeting an alleged al-Qaeda operative for an American drone strike, evidence suggests they turned to one of the people closest to him.

Murder by Craigslist

A serial killer finds a newly vulnerable class of victims: white, working-class men.
Interview: The killer's teenage accomplice explains how he got involved in the crimes.
Gallery: The young convict's tortured drawings


How to Catch a Liar on the Internet

Technology makes it easier than ever to play fast and loose with the truth—but easier than ever to get caught.

The U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea

... and now lives in Japan selling crackers

Is There Really Such a Thing as a 'Workaholic'?

There's still no medical definition, but psychologists try their best to separate dedicated employees from true addicts.

The Global Dominance of ESPN

Why hasn’t anybody figured out how to beat "The Worldwide Leader in Sports"?
Video: Derek Thompson lists five things that could hurt ESPN.

How to Edit a Dictionary

What to keep and what to cut? You can start by checking the Internet.

Building a Better Windmill

What if turbines weren’t so awful to be around?

Why Is Software So Slow?

An interview with software executive Charles Simonyi on why computer applications lag behind hardware, and how new apps could end drudgery

The Real Cost of Segregation—in 1 Big Chart

The geography of race may be more complicated than it appears.

The Maasai People Take Back Their Brand

Reclaiming a name that's used to sell everything from sneakers to beach towels

Leading Questions

What Americans think they believe about the big issues

The Culture File

Joe Strummer and Punk Self-Reinvention

How a privately educated British schoolboy named John Mellor became The Clash's iconic front man

'I Hate Vacations'

A conversation with Paul Theroux


The Contest

It was the summer of 1958, and the whole town was listening to KLOF, the radio station that was giving away soda pop and a free house in Holiday Hills.


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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