September 2010

The Atlantic - September 2010

How Israel is getting ready to bomb Iran, the rise of prisons without walls, Chistopher Hitchens on anti-Semitism's universal threat, and more


  • The Point of No Return

    The Point of No Return

    The Iranian nuclear threat will soon come to a head. A preemptive attack by Israel could be disastrous. It might happen anyway.

    Video: Jeffrey Goldberg discusses the Middle East's shaky future with Christopher Hitchens and Martin Amis.

  • Living With a Nuclear Iran

    Living With a Nuclear Iran

    Henry Kissinger believes that containing Iran will depend on one thing: showing its leaders that we're willing to go to war.

  • Whale Crossing

    As sea traffic booms, can new shipping lanes and speed limits save the right whale from extinction?

  • The News Merchant

    TV news is driven, more and more, by the latest scoops on JonBenet, Caylee, and Natalee. The inside story of how tabloid-TV stories are made, bought, and paid for—and the man who's often behind it all.

  • Prison Without Walls

    Prison Without Walls

    With prisons stretched to the breaking point, some cities are trying a radical new idea: letting convicts roam free, under constant electronic surveillance.



  • Killing Her Softly

    Killing Her Softly

    A measured, sympathetic—and ultimately damning— portrait of the 20th century’s most wickedly funny novelist

  • Chosen


    The toxin of anti-Semitism isn’t a threat only to Jews.

    Video: Hitchens discusses the root causes of Jew-hatred—and his own surprising discovery of Jewish heritage—with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg and novelist Martin Amis.

  • Cover to Cover

    Cover to Cover

    Los Angeles modernism revisited; Alan Bennett's new memoir; the pain of fish; the final word on the Final Solution; and more


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