December 2009

Hanna Rosin asks, Did Christianity cause the crash?; David Dobbs on the science of success; Philip Caputo on Mexico's drug wars; Benjamin Schwarz selects the twenty-five best books of the year; Sandra Tsing Loh on being a bad mother; and much more.

The Atlantic - December 2009

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Letters to the editor

What’s Your Problem?

How to start your own advice column, whether to clean the hotel room before the maid arrives, and other conundrums


Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

For millions of followers, the prosperity gospel encouraged financial risk in the name of God.

The Science of Success

New neurological findings suggest that “bad genes” can in fact be the keys to adult achievement—but only with the right parenting.
Video: Researcher Stephen Suomi explains why monkeys with risky genes often turn out just fine

The Fall of Mexico

The government’s assault on drug cartels has become an amorphous civil war that threatens to bring down the nation. A report from the front lines.
Slideshow: Photographer Juliàn Cardona shares grim images from Juàrez

How Einstein Divided America's Jews

The physicist’s first trip to the U.S. placed him at the center of contentious debates over Zionism.

The Trial of Thomas Lubanga

In Congo, victims question the justice of prosecuting war criminals.


The Tijuana of the Caspian

At the border between Azerbaijan and Iran, everything’s for sale: sex, booze, tattoos—and maybe some revolutionary fervor.

Ground War

Army’s best option for finally beating Navy

Frenemies of the State

Once the most outspoken critic of Zimbabwe’s government, David Coltart is now on the inside

The Great Guinea Hen Massacre

Good intentions collide with dumb birds on a small farm in Pennsylvania.

A Winter’s Tale

Squaw Valley celebrates its Olympics, 50 years later.

Who Needs the Grid?

A new fuel-cell technology promises to revolutionize access to cheap, clean energy.


Books of the Year

Atlantic literary editor Benjamin Schwarz picks the 25 best in a crowded field

The Zealot

Arthur Koestler’s manic intellectual career

Cover to Cover

America's birth certificate revealed; paradoxical Pops; and more


Lead Us Not Into Debt

Finance guru Dave Ramsey wins followers with a simple message: find God and lose your credit cards.

Double-X Films

Not just chick flicks, the movies of Nora Ephron and Nancy Meyers defy categorization and provide a sentimental education for everyone.
Video: James Parker comments on his favorite scenes from When Harry Met Sally and What Women Want


Adventures in Legal Weed

Colorado is now well into its first year as the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. How's it going? James Hamblin visits Aspen.


What Makes a Story Great?

What makes a story great? The storytellers behind House of CardsThis American LifeThe Moth, and more reflect on the creative process.


Tracing Sriracha's Origin to Thailand

Ever wonder how the wildly popular hot sauce got its name? It all started in Si Racha.


Where Confiscated Wildlife Ends Up

A government facility outside of Denver houses more than a million products of the illegal wildlife trade, from tigers and bears to bald eagles.


Is Wine Healthy?

James Hamblin prepares to impress his date with knowledge about the health benefits of wine.


The World's Largest Balloon Festival

Nine days, more than 700 balloons, and a whole lot of hot air



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