June 2007

David Samuels, "Grand Illusions"; Ron Rosenbaum, "How to Trick an Online Scammer"; Brian Mockenhaupt, "The Army We Have"; Clive Crook on the lost American Dream; Virginia Postrel analyzes the color of your house; Mona Simpson assesses Primo Levi; Thomas Mallon on the JFK assassination; a new Saudi effort to deprogram terrorists; and much more.


Grand Illusions

With Rumsfeld and Powell gone, and Cheney’s power diminished, this is Condoleezza Rice’s moment. Can she salvage America’s standing in the Middle East—and defuse the threat of a nuclear Iran? Behind the curtain in Washington and Jerusalem with the secretary of state
Interviews: David Samuels, author of "Grand Illusions," discusses his travels with Condoleezza Rice and her ambitious efforts to secure peace in the Middle East
Interviews: Author David Samuels interviews former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, and George Schultz

The Army We Have

To fight today’s wars with an all-volunteer force, the U.S. Army needs more quick-thinking, strong, highly disciplined soldiers. But creating warriors out of the softest, least-willing populace in generations has required sweeping changes in basic training.
Interviews: Brian Mockenhaupt talks about the men and women who enter basic training today, and how the Army has adapted to meet their needs.

The Animal Kingdom

This is the 16th in a series of archival excerpts in honor of the magazine’s 150th anniversary.


Rags to Rags, Riches to Riches

Maybe it’s time to stop calling America the “land of opportunity.”
Flashbacks: Articles by Eleanor Roosevelt and others take up the question of what constitutes the American ideal


Hurricane futures; the Swiss at sea; Bill Gates finally graduates

The Movie Pirates

Will Internet bootleggers kill Hollywood, or make it stronger?

Primary Sources

Our dynastic Congress; the chess gender gap; surgeons who love Nintendo

Return of the Taliban?

The Atlantic recently asked a group of foreign-policy authorities about the future of Afghanistan.

Get Out of Jihad Free

The Saudi government is betting that instead of just locking terrorists away, it can reform them.


A Knoll of One’s Own

The most exhaustive book yet written about the Kennedy assassination should lay the conspiracy theories to rest once and for all—but it won’t.
Interviews: Thomas Mallon talks about JFK conspiracy theories and a new book that places the blame squarely on Lee Harvey Oswald.

If This Is a Man

Primo Levi’s Holocaust memoirs stand among the best literature of the 20th century, but his greatest creation was himself.

The Woman Who Made Iraq

Gertrude Bell scaled the Alps, mapped Arabia, and midwifed the modern Middle East.

Cover to Cover

A guide to additional releases: a raft of Kissingeria; Robert E. Lee's letters; Penelope Lively's new novel; and more

Motel Paradiso

In Florida, a quest for the classic family motel [Web only: Slideshow: "Motel Nostalgia."]

Paint of View

The color of a house is a sign of owner individuality—and a test of neighborhood tolerance.
Sidebar: Virginia Postrel tells the tale of how an enterprising first-time publisher gave the beloved children's book Mr. Pine a second life.

What Was I Thinking?

Computers may not be able to make decisions for you (yet), but they can sharpen your judgment.

The Hapless Seed

Publishers and authors should stop cowering; Google is less likely to destroy the book business than to slingshot it into the 21st century.

Word Court

Dubious distinctions; the F-word


Is Wine Healthy?

James Hamblin prepares to impress his date with knowledge about the health benefits of wine.


The World's Largest Balloon Festival

Nine days, more than 700 balloons, and a whole lot of hot air


The Origins of Bungee Jumping

"We had this old potato sack and I filled it up with rocks and dropped it over the side. It just hit the water, split, dropping all the stones. And that was our test."


Is Trading Stocks for Suckers?

If you think you’re smarter than the stock market, you’re probably either cheating or wrong


I Spent Half My Life Making a Video Game

How a childhood hobby became a labor of love



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