July/August 2005

James Fallows, "Countdown to a Meltdown"; Benjamin M. Friedman, "Meltdown: A Case Study"; Bernard-Henri Lévy, "In the Footsteps of Tocqueville (Part Three)"; Scott Stossel, "North Korea: The War Game"; Mark Bowden, "Wolfowitz: The Exit Interviews"; Caroline Elkins, "The Wrong Lesson"; James A. Barnes and Peter Bell, "Hillary in 2008?"; and much more.

The Atlantic - July/August 2005

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The U.S. real-estate bubble is likely to leak, not pop



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Countdown to a Meltdown

America's coming economic crisis. A look back from the election of 2016

Meltdown: A Case Study

What America a century ago can teach us about the moral consequences of economic decline

In the Footsteps of Tocqueville (Part Three)

Death row and a brothel in Las Vegas; a pilot's lecture on creationism; genealogy and the Mormons; higher learning in Austin; a gun show in Fort Worth; and the rain-struck opening of the Clinton Library

North Korea: The War Game

Some of this country's most prominent foreign-policy strategists recently conducted a Pentagon-style war game. Dealing with North Korea could make Iraq look like child's play

Wolfowitz: The Exit Interviews

As he prepared to leave office, the deputy secretary of defense engaged in a series of conversations with the author on Iraq, democracy, intelligence, 9/11, and how he believes America must make its way in the world


The New Nixon

It'll be George W. Bush, if he doesn't change his economic policies soon

The Wrong Lesson

Our counterinsurgency efforts abroad are starting to resemble the British Empire's. This could mean gains now—and trouble later
Interviews: Caroline Elkins, the author of Imperial Reckoning, talks about unearthing the sinister underside of Britain's "civilizing" mission in Kenya

Hillary in 2008?

Political insiders weigh in on the presidential prospects of Hillary Clinton.

The Show-Me Sheikh

The grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, is peddling a new kind of radical Islam—traditionalism without the extremism

A Roll of the Dice

The future of Iraq. A board game

Primary Sources

A liberal's case for the death penalty; can Iraq stop worrying about Iran?; bottomless appetites; congressional cheats


Elements of Style

Sinatra, by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan; Chanel, edited by Harold Koda and Andrew Bolton; Edmund Wilson, by Lewis M. Dabney; The Lights That Failed, by Zara Steiner

Calamity Jane

The incoherent life (so far) of Jane Fonda

Fidelity With a Wandering Eye

Love is noble, love is hard, and women cheat just as readily as men

The Lady Is a Tramp

Five books about endlessly inspiring, morally vacuous women

New Fiction

The Wonder Spot, by Melissa Bank

A Breath of Dust

"I wasn't even bothering whether I understood what I was saying," T. S. Eliot said of The Waste Land. A new guide to the poem inadvertently suggests we should take him at his word

A Close Read

Fascination, by William Boyd

You Might as Well Live

Nick Hornby's characters could care less


Masters of the Hunt

So the British have banned the killing of foxes and other wild mammals with the aid of dogs. Now what? A report from the sponge-wet moors of Barmy Britannia

A Gentleman, of a Kind

Prince Rainier of Monaco (1923-2005)

Who's Who

A selective index to this month's issue


Adventures in Legal Weed

Colorado is now well into its first year as the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. How's it going? James Hamblin visits Aspen.


What Makes a Story Great?

What makes a story great? The storytellers behind House of CardsThis American LifeThe Moth, and more reflect on the creative process.


Tracing Sriracha's Origin to Thailand

Ever wonder how the wildly popular hot sauce got its name? It all started in Si Racha.


Where Confiscated Wildlife Ends Up

A government facility outside of Denver houses more than a million products of the illegal wildlife trade, from tigers and bears to bald eagles.


Is Wine Healthy?

James Hamblin prepares to impress his date with knowledge about the health benefits of wine.


The World's Largest Balloon Festival

Nine days, more than 700 balloons, and a whole lot of hot air



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