April 2005

David Foster Wallace, "Host"; Jeffrey Rosen, "Rehnquist the Great?"; Robert D. Kaplan, "America's African Rifles"; James Fallows, "Getting Out Right"; Michael Scheuer, "Inside Out"; Joshua Green, "The Air America Plan"; Christopher Hitchens, "Civilization and Its Malcontents"; Timothy W. Ryback, "The Hitler Shrine"; fiction by Michael Lohre; and much more.

The Atlantic - April 2005

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Letters to the editor


Go-ahead at Gitmo; the People's economist; Caesar renders unto you

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Peter Davison (1928-2004)

A Life's Work

Remembering Peter Davison



"The key to the John Ziegler Show," says the angry, outraged, and apocalyptically gleeful talk-radio host John Ziegler, "is that I am almost completely real." A report from deep inside the mercenary world of take-no-prisoners political talk radio

Rehnquist the Great?

Even liberals may come to regard William Rehnquist as one of the most successful chief justices of the century

America's African Rifles

"Every time you fire, a bad guy should bleed!" At the heart of the U.S. military's imperial venture is the training of indigenous troops around the world—and at the heart of that training is the rifle range. A report from Niger


"He wanted to thank God for his life, and he did. He didn't know what was next, but saw no point in being fearful now"


Getting Out Right

Warnings from many experts went unheeded before we entered Iraq. Let's listen as we prepare to "shape the exit"

Inside Out

Why it's so hard to infiltrate al-Qaeda

The Air America Plan

Liberal talk radio is off the ground. Will the electorate turn blue, or just red in the face?

Incumbent-Protection Acts

Campaign-finance reform—an explanation

Confirmation Class

Most of what we learn from confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court chief justice will be misleading or irrelevant

Primary Sources

Smart women stay single; why religious Americans fear Muslims; Israel's surprisingly bright demographic future; are the left-handed better in a fight?

Crude Politics

[This article is unavailable online.]


The Lost Crusade

Against the Beast, edited by John Nichols; War and the Iliad, by Simone Weil and Rachel Bespaloff; Understanding Dante, by John A. Scott

Thinking of Jackasses

Three recent books reveal the grand delusions of the Democratic Party
Interviews: Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter, the authors of Nation of Rebels, on how the myth of a counterculture derailed the political left

Was It Something I Said?

Five books by extremely engaging misogynists

A Close Read

Follies and New Stories, by Ann Beattie

Civilization and Its Malcontents

Alongside a "peace" demonstration in London, a crisis of micro-terrorism

A Close Read

How We Are Hungry, by Dave Eggers


Rightly championed for decades by genre and literary readers alike, John le Carré has written a novel that may appeal to neither camp

New Fiction

March, by Geraldine Brooks


The Hitler Shrine

A luxury hotel has opened next to the site of Adolf Hitler's notorious mountain retreat, the Berghof

The Fifth Nixon

Rose Mary Woods (1917-2005)

Who's Who

A selective index to this month's issue


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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