June 2003

The Atlantic - June 2003

Bruce Hoffman, “The Logic of Suicide Terrorism”; James Fallows, “Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?”; Robert Dallek, “JFK's Second Term”; Richard B. Woodward, “Too Much of a Good Thing”; Christopher Hitchens, “Aural History”; Michael Kelly, “A Transformative Moment”; fiction by Lysley Tenorio; and much more.

  • 77 North Washington Street

    Michael Kelly, the editor at large of The Atlantic Monthly and for three years its editor in chief, was killed on the outskirts of Baghdad while…

  • Building Democracy Out of What?

    The Iraqi people, and anyone who wants to help them, will have to deal with the long-term psychological trauma of life under Saddam

  • Norman Ornstein's Doomsday Scenario

    What would happen if a bomb wiped out the federal government?

  • JFK's Second Term

    Toward the end of his life John F. Kennedy increasingly distrusted his military advisers and was changing his views on foreign policy. A fresh look at the final months of his presidency suggests that a second Kennedy term might have produced not only an American withdrawal from Vietnam but also rapprochement with Fidel Castro's Cuba

  • Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?

    The image of a boy shot dead in his helpless father's arms during an Israeli confrontation with Palestinians has become the Pietà of the Arab world. Now a number of Israeli researchers are presenting persuasive evidence that the fatal shots could not have come from the Israeli soldiers known to have been involved in the confrontation. The evidence will not change Arab minds—but the episode offers an object lesson in the incendiary power of an icon

  • Lost in Translation

    Barton Raffel's English version of Le Rouge et le Noir lacks the essential tone and style of Stendhal

  • Aural History

    The doyen of capital insiders has written a misleading account of the debate that led to war

  • The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

    First you feel nervous about riding the bus. Then you wonder about going to a mall. Then you think twice about sitting for long at your favorite café. Then nowhere seems safe. Terrorist groups have a strategy—to shrink to nothing the areas in which people move freely—and suicide bombers, inexpensive and reliably lethal, are their latest weapons. Israel has learned to recognize and disrupt the steps on the path to suicide attacks. We must learn too

  • The Reluctant Fan

    Professional baseball's lachrymose and soporific spell

  • A New Chestnut

    The work of a dedicated few may eventually restore America's blighted chestnut forest to their former vastness. One happy consequence can already be tasted

  • Still Growing

    Michael Byers' first novel, though ambitious and often engaging, suggests that he hasn't yet made the leap from short stories

  • Moving On, and On

    From the Transition Index to the Rapture Index

  • New & Noteworthy

    What to read this month

  • Primary Sources

    Selections from recent reports, studies, and other documents. This month: 39,842 box cutters; gays in the (wartime) military; how college basketball hurts U.S. productivity; the most dangerous country in the world

  • Book Group in Chadors

    An outstanding and unusual memoir of post-revolutionary Iran

  • Monstress

    A short story

  • Word Court

    Patrick Edsall, of Mountain View, California, writes, "I was told that the term crowbar was racist. My co-worker said it was derived from Jim Crow,…

  • Too Much of a Good Thing

    The theoretical physicist who ignited the biggest firestorm in the history of the American photography market was simply trying to figure out if his vintage photos were genuine. By the time he learned the answer, two of the country's best-known photography scholars had come under a cloud of suspicion

  • A Transformative Moment

    The following is excerpted from the afterword to Michael Kelly's book Martyrs' Day, about the first Gulf War. Kelly was killed in Iraq in early April as he accompanied American forces advancing on Baghdad  

  • Letters to the Editor

    A Miscarriage of Justice. Regarding Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s article ("In Defense of Michael Skakel"), every morsel of exculpatory information…


The Horrors of Rat Hole Mining

"The river was our source of water. Now, the people won't touch it."


What's Your Favorite Slang Word?

From "swag" to "on fleek," tweens choose.


Cryotherapy's Dubious Appeal

James Hamblin tries a questionable medical treatment.


Confessions of Moms Around the World

In Europe, mothers get maternity leave, discounted daycare, and flexible working hours.


How Do Trees Know When It's Spring?

The science behind beautiful seasonal blooming

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