The Culture of Martyrdom

How suicide bombing became not just a means but an end

Trieste Elegies

Enigma and nostalgia on the edge of Italy, at the heart of Europe

Cloning Trevor

Granted rare access to the labs of Advanced Cell Technology, the only U.S. group openly pursuing human cloning research for medical purposes, our correspondent spent six months tracking highly experimental work on the cells of a young boy with a life-threatening genetic disorder

Uncle Sam Buys an Airplane

How Lockheed Martin beat Boeing for the biggest military contract in history—and how that one contract could change the way the military builds and pays for its weapons

What Price Valor?

Bravura displays of reproductive technology may shortchange the children

The Wiffle Effect

Wiffle ball goes big time—well, not so big

A Man of Permanent Contradictions

The paradox underlying all of Kipling's work is a horror of democracy combined with an exaltation of the common man

The American Way of War

The third of three essays on the revolution in air power

Beyond the Tippling Point

A teetotalers' guide to social drinking

Cal Pep

Restaurants worth building a trip around

The Most Dangerous Branch?

The Supreme Court has been signaling that it will treat Congress roughly in the coming decade—but nobody seems to be paying attention

Playing Nick Carraway

A new biography of John F. Kennedy Jr. is less a book than a TV-movie script

The Great In-Between

Theologians have revised our notions of heaven and hell. But one other destination deserves attention

New & Noteworthy

Fiction set in turn-of-the-century England and in the Australian bush; ghosts in the darkroom

The Success of Failure

We owe our economic development, our form of government, and even our physical existence to spectacular flops

Elegant Common Sense

H. L. Mencken's perfect marriage of style and substance

The Nazis' Last Stand

World War II's ferocious and surreal conclusion on the Eastern Front

Of Clones and Clowns

A distinguished molecular biologist discusses the "cloning circus" and the damage it is doing to serious research


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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