Portrait of a Woman as a Young Boxer

Rosalie Parker began boxing before it became a chic female sport

Pixels at an Exhibition

It may be time to take a closer look at digital photography

Costumes from Camelot

Jacqueline Kennedy's true style lay in the ways she allied her femininity with her tremendous strength

Stranger in a Strange Land

The dismay of an honorable man of the left

One-Alarm Fire

U.S. counterterrorism may be overly preoccupied with biological weapons—which have a rather poor track record

All You Need Is Love

How the terrorists stopped terrorism

Looking the World in the Eye

Samuel Huntington is a mild-mannered man whose sharp opinions—about the collision of Islam and the West, about the role of the military in a liberal society, about what separates countries that work from countries that don't—have proved to be as prescient as they have been controversial. Huntington has been ridiculed and vilified, but in the decades ahead his view of the world will be the way it really looks

Sweet and Intense

The wine that made Ontario famous

Storm Island

If you like extreme weather, the French island of Ouessant is a good place to find it

Walking Back the Cat

The culture of explanation

Police Powers

How the IRA leverages the peace process

Squishier than thou

Demonstrating against reality in London and Washington

Security Versus Civil Liberties

A distinguished jurist advises us to calm down about the probable curtailing of some personal freedoms in the months ahead. As a nation we've treated certain civil liberties as malleable, when necessary, from the start

Countering the Smallpox Threat

Even before the September 11 attacks heightened our fears of bio-terrorism, a biologist came up with a sensible strategy for coping with one of the most fearsome possibilities

A Quiet Genius

Alice Munro is the living writer most likely to be read in a hundred years

Putin's Policy of Realpolitik

In pledging support to the West's fight against terrorism, the Russian leader is advancing the national interest of his country—and hedging his bets

Fourth-generation Warfare

Pentagon mavericks have been trying for decades to reorient military strategy toward a new kind of threat—the kind we're suddenly facing in the war on terrorism. Now that we've got the war they predicted, will we get the reforms they've been pushing for?


A mother writes about her teenage son, afflicted with muscular dystrophy, and the life he leads, and the one he can look forward to

Councils of War

Matching confusing new realities to historical experience


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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