One Establishment Meets Another

Avery Dulles's long journey to the Catholic cardinalate

The Oval Office and the Diamond

A selective survey of America's First Fans

The Nihilist

Philip Roth's hard, isolate—and heroic—vision

Byte, Byte, Against the Dying of the Light

A new senior-care facility e-monitors every move

One Smart Bookie

He can't tell right from wrong


Now showing continuously at a theater near you

Getting Used to the Greenback

The peculiar hitches of a growing Third World trend: conversion to the dollar. "In bars and banks and at the airport people could be seen holding the new bills up to the light, turning them this way and that as they scrutinized the cryptic imagery and the portrait gallery of American leaders."

Putting Guests in Their Place

Never mind the food. The essence of a good dinner party lies in seating everyone properly

The Stationery Self

There is no substitute for engraved writing paper

Ayn Rand Comes to Somalia

In the absence of government bureaucracy and foreign aid, business is starting to boom

Everything You Need to Know

All Things Considered has only improved with age, the author finds. But it could still aim for deeper realms

Who's in Charge?

People talk about a lack of leadership—but leadership seems to be everywhere

Russia Is Finished

The unstoppable descent of a once great power into social catastrophe and strategic irrelevance

Bron and His "Affec. Papa"

Auberon Waugh, the acerbic British man of letters, died in January. Our author remembers him and reflects on Waugh's complex, heartbreaking relationship with his father, Evelyn

Ordinary People

In her latest novel, as in all her work, Anne Tyler explores un-hip, gentle lives of fortitude and decency

Word Imperfect

Roget's Thesaurus has long been considered one of the great lexicographical achievements in the history of the English language, a reference work of astonishing ubiquity and far-reaching influence. But now the author of The Professor and the Madman—the best-selling tale of the making of the Oxford English Dictionary—questions the legacy of the definitive list of synonyms that the brilliant Peter Mark Roget compiled 150 years ago. Is the name Roget becoming a synonym for intellectually second-rate?


Where Time Comes From

The clocks that coordinate your cellphone, GPS, and more


Computer Vision Syndrome and You

Save your eyes. Take breaks.


What Happens in 60 Seconds

Quantifying human activity around the world



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