November 2000

  • Rainbow

    Audio: Hear the author read this poem. Short storms make the best rainbows— twenty minutes of inky wet, and then, on the rinsed atmosphere's…

  • The Crescent and the Tricolor

    France today has more Muslims than practicing Catholics, and couscous has arguably become the country's national food

  • Children's Products and Risk

    The Consumer Products Safety Commission was created to ensure the safety of products for infants, among others. But it can't

    Illustration by Adam Niklewicz

  • Where Europe Vanishes

    Civilizations have collided in the Caucasus Mountains since the dawn of history, and the region's dozens of ethnic groups have been noted for "obstinacy and ferocity" since ancient times. Stalin was born in these mountains, and it was also here that the Soviet empire began to crumble. The story of the Republic of Georgia illustrates that the peoples of the Caucasus may prove as incapable of self-rule as they were resistant to rule by outsiders

  • The Fall Into Guns

    Few Americans, this cliche-upending book shows, owned guns before the Civil War. What happened?

  • Cover Art

    Cover art by Christoph Niemann. The Atlantic Monthly; November 2000; Cover Art - 00.11; Volume 286, No. 5; page .

  • In the Event of Flight

    Days and nights with a bounty hunter

  • Word Court

    Iaren't I? I am not a native speaker of English, but that expression simply does not sound right to me. I was relatively confident that it was…

  • Short Reviews

    The End of the Affair

  • 77 North Washington Street

    "YEARS ago," says Robert Vare, who recently joined The Atlantic's staff as a senior editor, "I discovered that my abiding passion in…

  • Letters

    Laboratory Animals. Global Warming. Trademark. Phoebe-Lou Adams. Cricket. Bicker Bicker. Advice & Consent. Laboratory Animals …

  • The Almanac

    Health & Safety November ushers in the peak season for meningococcal meningitis -- inflammation of the lining of the spinal cord and…


The Death of Film

You'll never hear the whirring sound of a projector again.


How to Hunt With Poison Darts

A Borneo hunter explains one of his tribe's oldest customs: the art of the blowpipe


A Delightful, Pixar-Inspired Cartoon

An action figure and his reluctant sidekick trek across a kitchen in search of treasure.


I Am an Undocumented Immigrant

"I look like a typical young American."


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion



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