October 2000

  • Shoot to Kill

    In the post-Columbine world, police departments all over America are adopting new, no-nonsense SWAT-team tactics

  • The Hunt for the Origin of AIDS

    The notion that AIDS arose from a polio vaccine made with contaminated chimpanzee cells—the thesis of the best-selling book The River—is far from the only theory about how the epidemic started, and it is hotly disputed. The quest for the source of the epidemic is intensifying, as researchers scour the jungle for clues and try to "walk back" the disease genetically with the help of the world's most powerful computers

  • Cover Art

    Cover art by Theo Rudnak. The Atlantic Monthly; October 2000; Cover Art - 00.10; Volume 286, No. 4; page .

  • The Opening of the Evangelical Mind

    Of all America's religious traditions, the author writes, evangelical Protestantism, at least in the twentieth-century conservative forms, has long ranked "dead last in intellectual stature." Now evangelical thinkers are trying to revitalize their tradition. Can they turn an intellectual backwater into an intellectual beacon?

  • Health Care: A Bolt of Civic Hope

    In an anti-political time the politics of remedy is still possible. Two congressmen, one liberal, one conservative, both versed in the relevant complexities, agree on the bones of a plan to insure the 44 million Americans without health insurance

  • Superassassin

    At midnight I climb out the window and run through the city, staying in back alleys and unlit streets. I keep an eye out for any and all enemies who dare to venture into the night. Though they are many and I am one, I will fight the battle alone

  • A Better Egg

    Now that doctors are letting us eat eggs again, farmers are working to make eggs taste like they used to

  • Saving Salmon, or Seattle?

    The Northwest is obsessed with the fate of salmon -- except that, as is often true, the battle is really over how people want to live

  • Rescuing Search and Seizure

    Our hands-off attitude toward aggressive search and seizure arises out of a misreading of the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment doesn't mean what we think

  • Physical Culture

    Boxing, karaoke, prostitution -- one-stop shopping in the new China

  • 77 North Washington Street

    IN a sense, Alan Wolfe says, the cover story in this issue of The Atlantic Monthly grew out of a snap decision. A few years ago Wolfe was…

  • Letters

    An Acquired Taste. Psychology at Harvard. Faulkner. Stem-winder. An Acquired Taste "An Acquired Taste" (July Atlantic) is informative,…

  • The Almanac

    Demographics In much of the country the peak season for rodent infestations begins this month, with the first cold snap of autumn; some 21…


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