September 2000

  • The Heavenly Jukebox

    Rampant music piracy may hurt musicians less than they fear. The real threat—to listeners and, conceivably, democracy itself—is the music industry's reaction to it

  • The Lawless Frontier

    The tribal lands of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border reveal the future of conflict in the Subcontinent, along with the dark side of globalization

  • Green Surpise

    How Bush or Gore, as President, might pull a "Nixon goes to China" on environmental issues

  • Cover Art

    Cover art by José Cruz, hand-lettering by Daniel Pelavin. The Atlantic Monthly; September 2000; Cover Art - 00.09; Volume 286, No. 3;…

  • Fourteen

    My first view of how outsiders saw my family was as the subject of astonishment and derision

  • Tallyho and Tribulation

    In the sport of fox hunting the first thing to understand is that things almost never go right.

  • It's a Jumble Out There

    From Thai fajitas to the Techno Bra, the incoherence of everyday life.

  • The Return of the Grizzly

    Parts of the West are braced for a second coming.

  • Unraveled

    "He's going to be around a lot. He's not just someone I met in a bar," my mother said. "So no guilt, I'm doing this for you"

  • Prometheus

    Prometheus -- by Guy Billout The Atlantic Monthly; September 2000; Prometheus - 00.09; Volume 286, No. 3;…

  • Pacific Time

    Once the novelty wears off, a vacation spot may prove to be more than just another pretty place.

  • Mischke's Moment

    Gentle and not-so-gentle humor from another St. Paul radio host.

  • What Kingsley Can Teach Martin

    The father wrote fiction as the son still does, with brilliance and "facile bravura," but Martin Amis misunderstood his hereditary gifts when he turned from playful comedy to "the great issues of our time"

  • 77 North Washington Street

    FOR many years The Atlantic Monthly made a point of publicizing what were known as Atlantic "Firsts": short stories in our pages that…

  • Letters

    Unabomber. I Am the Grass. Unabomber Alston Chase ("Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber," June Atlantic) relies on inaccurate…

  • The Almanac

    The Environment September 15: The Olympic Games open today in Sydney, Australia. They have been dubbed "The Green Games": Sydney is the…

  • The Puzzler

    Highlights. Answers to the twelve "Highlights" clues -- given without lengths and in mixed order -- are not entirely…

  • Word Court

    P as well as to mean "and" or "also" has been with us for a long time, but I have begun to notice it with high frequency in recent years. For some…


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