August 2000

The Atlantic - August 2000

Valerie Martin, “Being Saint Francis”; Michael Joseph Gross, “The Queen Is Dead”; Peter Schrag, “'High Stakes Are for Tomatoes'”; Francis Davis on Charlie Hayden; and much more.

  • Being St. Francis

    Scenes from the discomfiting life of Francis of Assisi

  • The Queen Is Dead

    Once a gay icon, Judy Garland has become an embarrassment

  • The Face-Lift

    The whole world seemed spread out before Cristina in a series of wild and hilarious adventures, which she chose to see as absurd although she knew exactly how dangerous and serious they really were

  • "High Stakes Are for Tomatoes"

    Statewide testing of students, with penalties for failure, has run into opposition from parents across the political spectrum

  • No "There" There

    Why cyberspace isn't anyplace.

  • Where No Business is Good Business

    Many American corporations rely on the security of "workplace-recovery centers" -- fully equipped but empty office space reserved for the moment when disaster strikes.

  • Between the Vineyards

    Italy's Piedmont region has much more to offer the visitor than wine and truffles.

  • From the Streets to the Piste

    Almost half of the fencers on the U.S. Olympic team are African-Americans from the inner city -- all students of one remarkable man.

  • An Irresistible Long-winded Bore

    John Cowper Powys wrote about "the three incomprehensibles": sex, religion, and nature. And wrote. And wrote

  • The (Still) Relevant Socialist

    Michael Harrington, the author of The Other America,was the most charismatic figure on the American left in the past half century. His case for a democratic socialism takes on new meaning in the age of globalization.

  • Brief Reviews

    They Drew Fire: Combat Artists of World War II There was so much photographic coverage of World War II, and it was so…

  • Phoebe-Lou Adams Interview

    A farewell toast to Phoebe-Lou Adams

  • 77 North Washington Street

    PHOEBE-LOU Adams served on the staff of The Atlantic Monthly for more than half of the twentieth century, longer than anyone else with the…

  • Letters

    The War Against Boys. Oral History. What JFK Really Said The War Against Boys. Carol Gilligan et al. versus Christina Hoff Sommers Atlantic,…

  • The Almanac

    Health & Safety Alternative medicine takes another step toward the mainstream this month, as clinical licensing exams in naturopathic…

  • Word Watch

    The Encarta World English Dictionary (1999). parasite single a young Japanese woman, typically in her twenties, who lives with her parents…


A History of Contraception

In the 16th century, men used linen condoms laced shut with ribbons.


'A Music That Has No End'

In Spain, a flamenco guitarist hustles to make a modest living.


What Fifty Shades Left Out

A straightforward guide to BDSM

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