May 2000

  • The War Against Boys

    This we think we know: American schools favor boys and grind down girls. The truth is the very opposite. By virtually every measure, girls are thriving in school; it is boys who are the second sex

  • George W., Knight of Eulogia

    A rare look inside Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society and sometime haunt of the presumptive Republican nominee for President

  • The Unlikely Father of Miami Crime Fiction

    Although his detectives do precious little detecting, Charles Willeford sparked the modern South Florida mystery craze

  • Out of the Jungle

    Colombia's capital, Bogotá, long seemed exempt from the lawlessness and violence of that country's chronic civil war. Not anymore.

  • What JFK Really Said

    The author checked the Cuban-missile-crisis transcript in The Kennedy Tapes against the recorded words. He discovered "errors that undermine its reliability for historians, teachers, and general readers

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration by Jonathan Carlson. The Atlantic Monthly; May 2000; Cover Art - 00.05; Volume 285, No. 5; page .

  • Letters

    The War Against Boys. Oral History. What JFK Really Said The War Against Boys. Carol Gilligan et al. versus Christina Hoff Sommers Atlantic,…

  • Girl, Seeming to Disappear

    Francesca Woodman's work presents femaleness without satire or an agenda

  • I'm from Ballymullet

    This is my parish, the priest said, and my people must be warned of what dangers from beyond the borders of Ireland now travel in their midst

  • Faint of Heart in the Heart of Darkness

    A worrywart ventures forth on a deluxe safari -- very, very reluctantly

  • Someone There Is Who Loves a Wall

    Tighter, neater, faster -- Steven Allen may be the best wall builder in the world

  • 77 North Washington Street

    TEN years ago Christina Hoff Sommers, the author of this month's cover story, "The War Against Boys," was quietly teaching philosophy courses…

  • The Almanac

    Health & Safety This month, according to a European Union regulation, European airlines must begin teaching crew members about low-level…

  • Word Watch

    The Encarta World English Dictionary (1999). bubba bomb a crudely constructed explosive device that is associated with southern white…


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion


What If Emoji Lived Among Us?

A whimsical ad imagines what life would be like if emoji were real.


Living Alone on a Sailboat

"If you think I'm a dirtbag, then you don't understand the lifestyle."


How Is Social Media Changing Journalism?

How new platforms are transforming radio, TV, print, and digital


The Place Where Silent Movies Sing

How an antique, wind-powered pipe organ brings films to life


The Future of Iced Coffee

Are artisan businesses like Blue Bottle doomed to fail when they go mainstream?



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