May 2000

  • The War Against Boys

    This we think we know: American schools favor boys and grind down girls. The truth is the very opposite. By virtually every measure, girls are thriving in school; it is boys who are the second sex

  • George W., Knight of Eulogia

    A rare look inside Skull and Bones, the Yale secret society and sometime haunt of the presumptive Republican nominee for President

  • The Unlikely Father of Miami Crime Fiction

    Although his detectives do precious little detecting, Charles Willeford sparked the modern South Florida mystery craze

  • Out of the Jungle

    Colombia's capital, Bogotá, long seemed exempt from the lawlessness and violence of that country's chronic civil war. Not anymore.

  • What JFK Really Said

    The author checked the Cuban-missile-crisis transcript in The Kennedy Tapes against the recorded words. He discovered "errors that undermine its reliability for historians, teachers, and general readers

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration by Jonathan Carlson. The Atlantic Monthly; May 2000; Cover Art - 00.05; Volume 285, No. 5; page .

  • Letters

    The War Against Boys. Oral History. What JFK Really Said The War Against Boys. Carol Gilligan et al. versus Christina Hoff Sommers Atlantic,…

  • Girl, Seeming to Disappear

    Francesca Woodman's work presents femaleness without satire or an agenda

  • I'm from Ballymullet

    This is my parish, the priest said, and my people must be warned of what dangers from beyond the borders of Ireland now travel in their midst

  • Faint of Heart in the Heart of Darkness

    A worrywart ventures forth on a deluxe safari -- very, very reluctantly

  • Someone There Is Who Loves a Wall

    Tighter, neater, faster -- Steven Allen may be the best wall builder in the world

  • 77 North Washington Street

    TEN years ago Christina Hoff Sommers, the author of this month's cover story, "The War Against Boys," was quietly teaching philosophy courses…

  • The Almanac

    Health & Safety This month, according to a European Union regulation, European airlines must begin teaching crew members about low-level…

  • Word Watch

    The Encarta World English Dictionary (1999). bubba bomb a crudely constructed explosive device that is associated with southern white…


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