April 2000

  • Jersey Rain

    Now near the end of the middle stretch of road. What have I learned? Some earthly wiles. An art. That often I cannot tell good fortune from…

  • The Best Pickup-Basketball Player in America

    The man any true basketball devotee wants to play with or against

  • A New Kind of Justice

    The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia is the world's first war-crimes tribunal since Nuremberg. The major powers have accepted the tribunal's jurisdiction and submitted to its authority, which is far broader than most people understand. Although not even idealists would have predicted it a decade ago, something like this tribunal may soon become a permanent feature in the world

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration by Vladimir Nabokov. The Atlantic Monthly; ; Cover Art - 00.04; Volume , No. ; page .

  • Nabokov's Butterflies, Introduction

    A cache of previously unpublished work -- fictional and scientific, playful and didactic -- by the novelist and distinguished lepidopterist: "the last important unpublished fiction by Nabokov." The translation from the Russian is by Nabokov's son, Dmitri. Brian Boyd, Nabokov's biographer, provides an introduction

  • 77 North Washington Street

    THE keepers of this magazine's archives created an electronic filing system years ago, but unlike many of the nation's librarians, they never…

  • The Reluctant Gendarme

    Why is France protecting indicted war criminals in the sector of Bosnia it controls?

  • Midnight in Sarajevo

    A city that was once the center of the world's horrified attention is now a safe place again -- but a sad place, where corruption reigns, opportunities are rare, and the young and the talented only want to get out

  • The Baddest of Bad Art

    Reviled until recently, academic art is being revalued, and a museum inspired by a mystical Beirut collector is helping to show the way

  • The Toronto Circle

    In accomplished stories and novels South Asian writers who are exiles in Canada are re-creating the worlds they left behind

  • Letters to the Editor

    Diffusionists. Utopias. The Trials of the Tribulation. Aaron Copland Diffusionists Marc K. Stengel ("The Diffusionists Have Landed,"…

  • The Almanac

    Demographics Those celebrating birthdays this month might wish they'd been born at a different time of year: according to a study by the Max…

  • Word Court

    O ironic. It seems that people now use it in place of coincidental or even to describe completely unrelated occurrences. During a recent baseball…


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