March 2000

  • The Third Generation

    She was a Holocaust princess, their living memorial candle, continuity. Who would have predicted that she would turn her back on her people to become a nun in, of all places, the convent at Auschwitz?

  • The Kept University

    Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education—disinterested inquiry. Even more alarming, the authors argue, universities themselves are behaving more and more like for-profit companies

  • Uncertain Objects of Desire

    In India, a country that straddles the old and the new, a good place to look for signs of shifting values might be the matrimonial columns of The Times of India

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration. The Atlantic Monthly; March 2000; Cover Art - 00.03; Volume 285, No. 3; page .

  • Notes on the Murder of Thirty of My Neighbors

    Killing sprees in suburban schools are rare and shocking events. Imagine, then, living in a neighborhood where a sign in a laundromat asks patrons to be sure, before putting their clothes in the wash, to empty all pockets of bullets

  • The Edge of the World

    Tasmania is the Australia, in miniature, that tourists travel so far to see

  • Resurrecting Fats

    New transcriptions of Fats Waller's pipe-organ and piano solos could ensure that Waller is remembered not just as an entertainer but as a great composer

  • Brief Reviews

    by Da Chen. Random House, 320 pages, $25.00.

  • 77 North Washington Street

    The ownership of The Atlantic Monthly has changed nine times in the magazine's 143-year history. The editorship has changed ten times. Now…

  • Letters to the Editor

    On the Rez. Divided We Sprawl. Health-Care Economy. Phony Science Wars. Advice & Consent. Editors' Note. On the Rez I commend Ian…

  • The Almanac

    Q & A A 1998 study by climatologists at Arizona State University suggests that this is more than just a matter of perception.…


The Death of Film

You'll never hear the whirring sound of a projector again.


How to Hunt With Poison Darts

A Borneo hunter explains one of his tribe's oldest customs: the art of the blowpipe


A Delightful, Pixar-Inspired Cartoon

An action figure and his reluctant sidekick trek across a kitchen in search of treasure.


I Am an Undocumented Immigrant

"I look like a typical young American."


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion



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