February 2000

  • Inside the Leviathan

    A short and stimulating brush with Microsoft's corporate culture

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration. The Atlantic Monthly; February 2000; Cover Art - 00.02; Volume 285, No. 2.

  • Word Court

    A is friends with the mayor's wife." I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact, when I went to look up the citation in print to send it to you, it had…

  • China's Blue Collar Blues

    Top-down economic reform in China has triggered protest from its victims -- a classic Marxist proletariat

  • 77 North Washington Street

    "FOR me," says D. D. Guttenplan, the author of this month's cover story, "The Holocaust on Trial," about the libel suit brought by the…

  • Letters

    The Cost of Fame. Capital Punishment. Information Revolution. Advice & Consent Editor's Note The Cost of Fame I was interested in…

  • The Almanac

    Environment This month South Africa and Botswana are expected to officially open Africa's first "transfrontier conservation area" --…


The Death of Film

You'll never hear the whirring sound of a projector again.


How to Hunt With Poison Darts

A Borneo hunter explains one of his tribe's oldest customs: the art of the blowpipe


A Delightful, Pixar-Inspired Cartoon

An action figure and his reluctant sidekick trek across a kitchen in search of treasure.


I Am an Undocumented Immigrant

"I look like a typical young American."


Why Did I Study Physics?

Using hand-drawn cartoons to explain an academic passion



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