December 1999

The Atlantic - December 1999

Ian Frazier, “On the Rez”; Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, “The Plight of the High-Status Woman”; Bruce Katz and Jennifer Bradley, “Divided We Sprawl”; Leonard J. Leff, “Gone With the Wind and Hollywood's Racial Politics”; and much more.

  • Denmark Vesey, Forgotten Hero

    Who was Denmark Vesey, and why is there a sudden surge of interest in this little-known figure of American history? An Atlantic essay from 1861 helps to clarify.

  • On the Rez

    The writer, an admirer of Indian traditions of freedom and heroism, visits an old friend on the Pine Ridge Reservation, explores the place, and discovers a modern-day Indian hero

  • Cover Art

    Cover illustration. Powwow: Images Along the Red Road The Atlantic Monthly; December 1999; Cover Art - 99.12; Volume 284, No. 6; page .…

  • Assistance

    Going back to her parents' small house was like entering a foreign force field, where the normal rules of transaction—logic and reason and predictability—seemed suspended.

  • Divided We Sprawl

    A call for the reinvention of the American city and suburb that would exploit the infrastructure of the one and mitigate the "frantic privacy" of the other.

  • Streamlining My Life

    It's not so hard to get help these days, but it's hard to get the help you want.

  • The Near North

    There have always been good reasons to visit Iceland's exotic desolation, but next year will bring a few new ones

  • "Gone With the Wind" and Hollywood's Racial Politics

    Making Gone With the Wind, David O. Selznick discovered, meant dealing with fierce criticism from black newspapers and public officials.

  • Smoky Scotch

    Earth, air, water, fire -- the four elementscombine to create a fifth

  • The Plight of the High-Status Woman

    Recent fiction, essays, and self-help books (Dumped!, for one) suggest that a harsh new mating system is emerging.

  • A Third Way for the Third World

    DEVELOPMENT AS FREEDOM LAST year, shortly after he was awarded the Nobel Prize for economics, Amartya Sen returned to…

  • Brief Reviews

    by Laurie Winn Carlson.Ivan R. Dee, 197 pages, $24.95.

  • 77 North Washington Street

    IAN Frazier, the author of this month's cover story, displays a quintessentially American impulse: he is drawn toward the West. He has moved…

  • Letters

    Dow 36,000 Slave Redemption. Generation X Livestock Grazing. Advice & Consent. Dow 36,000 In "Dow 36,000" (September Atlantic),…

  • The Almanac

    Government Two large-scale hand-overs of territory take place this month. The last U.S. troops leave the Panama Canal Zone on December 31,…

  • The Puzzler

    Windup. We wind up the year with this puzzle, in which twenty clue answers are strung together on a spiral path that starts at the…

  • Word Watch

    LURD, also LUrD a living, unrelated donor: "It is believed to be the first transplant from a living donor with no prior relationship to the…


Riding Unicycles in a Cave

"If you fall down and break your leg, there's no way out."


Carrot: A Pitch-Perfect Satire of Tech

"It's not just a vegetable. It's what a vegetable should be."


An Ingenious 360-Degree Time-Lapse

Watch the world become a cartoonishly small playground


The Benefits of Living Alone on a Mountain

"You really have to love solitary time by yourself."


The Rise of the Cat Tattoo

How a Brooklyn tattoo artist popularized the "cattoo"

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