October 1999

  • Beyond the Information Revolution

    The truly revolutionary impact of the Information Revolution is just beginning to be felt. But it is not "information" that fuels this impact. It…

  • The Holocaust and the Catholic Church

    Some in the Vatican want to make Pius XII a saint. If they succeed, "the Church will have sealed its second millennium with a lie"

  • Lulu, Queen of the Camels

    In its loopy way the dromedary camel is already perfect, but in recent years biologists have been competing to refine it. The motivation comes from camel racing -- the Sport of Sheikhs

  • Closure and Roadkill on the Life's Highway

    "Then you'll do it?" Raymer asked. "I'll think about it," Corrie said. "It's a lot of money." She paused. "There's just one thing."

  • Brief Reviews

    by Thomas Morton of "Merrymount," edited by Jack Dempsey. Digital Scanning, Inc., 650 pages,$59.95/$39.95.

  • 77 North Washington Street

    IN an online interview with The Atlantic in 1995, Robert Pinsky, whose essay "Poetry and American Memory" appears in this issue, had the…

  • Letters

    What Dogs Want. School Vouchers. Range Management. Killing Whales. What Dogs Want Stephen Budiansky's interesting article "The Truth…

  • The Almanac

    Food October 1: New milk-pricing rules are scheduled to go into effect today, as the country's 60-year-old milk-pricing system -- long…


Why Do People Love Times Square?

A filmmaker asks New Yorkers and tourists about the allure of Broadway's iconic plaza


A Time-Lapse of Alaska's Northern Lights

The beauty of aurora borealis, as seen from America's last frontier


What Do You Wish You Learned in College?

Ivy League academics reveal their undergrad regrets


Famous Movies, Reimagined

From Apocalypse Now to The Lord of the Rings, this clever video puts a new spin on Hollywood's greatest hits.


What Is a City?

Cities are like nothing else on Earth.



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